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  1. wrx attempt!

    very nice...just wondering which software/s you use for it? you think you can do one with 180sx? typeX?
  2. Make and model:180SX Type X Size of engine:2.0 litre Modifications to the car:cat back exhuast + pod Type of turbo: stock t25G Trim of turbo:stock Rear Exhaust housing:?? When does vehicle begin boost:2600rpm When does vehicle reach full boost?4000rpm and what PSI:9 Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; NO What brand: What lift/duration etc: Max power achieve at what boost: 133.9rwkws on 7psi Hey mate what sort of power are you making?
  3. Popular Choices Of Fluids

    Mobil 1 Engine oil. Runs very smooth. Penrite Sin Gear
  4. brakes squeeling? help needed

    might be uneven rotors..you might have to get it machined...
  5. short shifters

    definitely go for it...its the best
  6. S13 braking problem

    could be the rotors and calipers...
  7. Problem: Losing all boost

    sound more like a leak somewhere..check the pipe connections.
  8. S13 (180sx Problem)

    could be a bad batch of fuel...happened to my n/a car before....
  9. Do you guys notice any difference in fuel consumption? Does it consume more petrol if you change the stock fuel pump?
  10. Clutch Hydraulics

    thanks for replying, just wondering if that price is for labour only or does it include parts? what did they do to your one, did they just fix the bypass in the master cylinder or did they replace the whole master cylinder?
  11. Pennzoil Gear Oil

    how much did you pay for it? And do you know if there is much difference between 75w-90 and 80w-90?
  12. Hi Can someone tell me what the reasonable price is to get the clutch hydraulic system fixed as my clutch is playing up a bit. Sometimes the clutch just stays down when launching. Does anyone know any good clutch place to get it fixed in Blacktown NSW? thanks.
  13. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has tried Pennzoil in their car. Exact name of it is: Full Synthetic Pennzoil Gearplus Super 75W-90 Gear Oil (API GL-5/MT-1) If someone has tried it can you please post how it is. If it is good or not. Can someone tell me as well what the factory recommended spec for gear oil is for blacktop SR20DET. Thanks.
  14. If their good how come noone seems to be bidding for them?