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  1. Exercises for after a Knee Recon

    Hi Stupified, What has actually been done to the knee, is it torn in half, torn a bit? Was any damage done to cartilage when the injury occurred. This all has to be taken in to account before a suitable exercise regime is given.

    I am in brisbane. Will take them all if you better your price...

    I will take all the kettlebells for the right price. i can buy a set new for cheaper than that right now --->>>http://www.gymandfitness.com.au/kettlebells-c-68.html on the goldcoast Please PM or call me 0407 456 813 Shaun
  4. 12nve200sx Training Journal

    I am back and haven't touched a weight in 18months. Will be starting liftin in about 6 weeks. I finally have the internet back as well. Markos, congrats on PTC, good to see someone that actually knows what they are talking about teaching the masses. Shaun
  5. Weaknesses

    My lower back and chocolate.
  6. More bench press education

    100% agree on this one!!! Spend more time on military pressing and your triceps. Close grip, Reverse grip(great for training to drop your elbows by your side), dips and floor press. A combination of any of these will do the trick. xdrift at 110kg you are a big lump of a kid. I would continue with the basics on bench and keep it to sets of 3x8 or 4x6. Don't try and increase the weight to fast. Just do it oldschool. When you can get out 3x8 on 100kg up it to 102.5. This is a slow process however for your weight it would be better to build a solid base. When you can rep 120x8 i would start to specialise. Where you will get alot of benifit is in using some of the exercises above. Buy a dip belt or some rope and starting adding weight to dips. They will do wonders for your explosive power. In all seriouseness keep it to one session a week. Spend more time squatting ass to the grass and deadlifting. When you can squat and dead 200kg worry about your bench.
  7. More bench press education

    What is your current 1 rep max and what do you weigh
  8. More bench press education

    i'm a big believer in having your hands placed on your bar relative to the distance between your shoulders. This is pretty traditional however it works. Many people think that wider is better. There is no doubt that it allows for a shorter stroke however moving your hands out as your grow is what i would suggest. For what it is worth my little finger sits 2cm inside the knurling.
  9. More bench press education

    Thanks for your kind remarks Markos. I was training chest 3 times per week week a number of years ago preparing for a comp. One strength session and two speed. To be honest there were weeks when all three sessions where speed. I have been to my fair amount of powerlifting contests over the years and in my opinion thier are two reasons behind Australians being ordinary benchers on the world stage (Other then Ange). 1. There seems to be to much emphasis on slowing down the 'down phase' and 2. there is not enough tricep and back used. There are far to many people that bench wide placing all the emphasis on the shoulders. A 10-15degree change in arm angle can greatly change the muscles used and the ability to fire sequentially to generate more speed. Once you have a strong enought base the quickest way to increase your overall strength in that movement is speed. As much as i train to feel strong i also train to be quick and powerfull. I would hate to be a strong slow slug. This is why i love to watch power sports such as the shotput. raw power in 1-2sec bursts. On a side note breathing can see a 10% increase in alot of people. Once the bar comes from the rack you should have full lungs. Don't be taking breaths before the first rep. Cheers Adam, with your consistency its only a matter of time. You and Simon are the benchmark for everyone on here.
  10. 12nve200sx Training Journal

    Hip is still giving me alot of grief i spend alot of time in the car for my job which doesn't help either. Hip is restriciting me from doing my half turns at ballet as well which is even worse. I believe the 170 is within reach in a few months, if i can go close i will drop the fat and go on a serious peaking program to try and go double raw at 90. Then i'll buy the best shirt i can and compete for some fun. I'm a couple of months in front of where i thought i would be however over christmas I gave my body a break. I'm really enjoying my overhead pressing. Its amazing how many people at my gym have started overhead pressing. I used to get so many wierd looks though they changed after the three plates where on the bench. People still always judge the bench.. so so so silly...
  11. 12nve200sx Training Journal

    Just thought I would drop in. Don't have internet at the moment which sucks. Bench 142.5 (5x5) - next week 145. Will be waiting till march for a single. 170 is the goal Incline 122.5 (4x6) Military 80 (5x5) - every 2.5kg feels like i loaded a 20 on each side now. Currently sitting at about 98kg. Will wait till after winter to cut down now. Every time i get down to low 90's i really feel it in my joints.
  12. Back problems

    I was lucky enough to attend a physiotherapist function the other day. (no i am not a qualified, i was just asked to come along). There was a 27year old girl who addressed the 25 paying physiotherapists ($1200 for 4 days). Her exact words. "If you don't have an olympic bar and squat rack or stands in your physio you can not be serious about treating anyone anymore" I nearly passed out. She went on to school about half of the attendees over 40 about why they should use them... I WAS BLOWN AWAY
  13. help my benching

    I have found this thread a rather interesting read. As a novice i would stay with 8-10 reps. Being 100kg and benching what you are i would stay at these higher reps to build a better base. You also mention positive failure for the last three reps. If you are getting help on 3 reps the weight is far to heavy. Drop the weight till you can execute the movement properly and then increase the weight. No need to walk before you crawl. Get stuck into some dips and book in to a physio to look at your shoulder. Don't hide the pain actively seek out what the problem is and fix it. It may take some time to get it sorted though you will only be as strong as your weakest link. Benching what you are at 100kg bodyweight after a year is worrying. Oh yeah, and tell the guy that stands behind you that if he touches the bar before it stops completely or before you tell him you will rip his head off. Shaun
  14. 12nve200sx Training Journal

    140kg for reps is the goal i have been working towards for the last 3 months since getting serious. Would like to get thier by the end of march. See what happens as the load is f**ken heavy now and i'm starting to feel it in my joints.
  15. show us your supplement stash

    so do the reading and get back to us bud. When you find out what you should be doing you are going to hate us all as its alot harder than what you are doing now.