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  1. S15 willwood brake upgrade

    Hi guys. Been looking at a brake upgrade on the s15. I was wondering if anyone has seen or done a brake conversion using willwood calipers and roters on the front and rear. I found these links for an s14 http://www.rawbrokerage.com/wilwood-superlite-big-brake-front-upgrade-kit-nissan-240sx-s13-s14-89-98/ http://www.rawbrokerage.com/wilwood-superlite-big-brake-rear-upgrade-kit-nissan-240sx-s13-s14-89-98/ I know willwood / gktech do a park brake as well.
  2. FS SSW PHANTOM wheels 19 X 9.5 +35 offset PCD 5 X 114.3 QLD

    Will take 1k
  3. FS SSW PHANTOM wheels 19 X 9.5 +35 offset PCD 5 X 114.3 QLD

    Sorry these are 8.5" not 9.5" wide
  4. How to id what diff is in my s15 / speedo prob

    Got the wheels on today. Speedo is still out. Im my speedo is at 100kmh my gps says im doing between 104kmh and 105kmh. Didnt fix the prob but is better theb it was
  5. I dont rekkon thats to bad still. Ypu dont have to screw around with welding and cutting and getting a tail shaft made up the zerolift kit is just all bolt up. Easy option. Still hinking of getting it and converting to a rb26
  6. These wheels are way to big for my car so there being sold. They are a set of 4 machined Lip Polish with black sides SSW PHANTOM 19 X 9.5, pretty sure +35 offset PCD 5 X 114.3. These are in very good condition. 1 wheel has some minor rash as seen in pic, otherwise they just need a wash. All wheels have 235 / 35 / 19 tyres Getting new wheels next week. GUMTREE ADD HERE http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/morayfield/wheels-tyres-rims/ssw-phantom-wheels-19-x-9-5-35-offset-pcd-5-x-114-3/1127888878
  7. How to id what diff is in my s15 / speedo prob

    Agreed they do.. Got some 33 gtr wheels to chuck on. Will see how my speedo is when i put em on
  8. Well lets say 150 for a manual tail shaft. 80 for a x Member and another say 50 for the engine mount brackets. Then ya gotta get the tail shaft modded. Your prob looking at what say 400 there. Then get the gearbox mount bracket say 40 to 50. So already looking at say 450 and still gotta get the tail shaft modded. Still think for new parts and warranty $600 is pretty good for all the brackets and 1 piece tail shaft
  9. I know there is a small section that says it's comparable with s15, there is no option when buying. For $250 us yo cant go wrong and you don't have to look for around for mounts that will work of fab any up
  10. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with using the zerolift rb25 mounts for a s chassis. Its suppose to be for the s13 s14 chassis but i want to know if it will work with the s15. http://www.zerolift.com/product-p/zlrbmounshaftcombo.htm Seems like a good mount adaptor and being able to use oem engine mounts with this is a bonus.
  11. WANTED a set of R33 GTR wheels / rims QLD

    How much are you asking for em.?
  12. WANTED a set of R33 GTR wheels / rims QLD

    Found a set. Please delete.
  13. Looking for some r33 gtr wheels / rims to go on me s15. let me know if you have some for sale or know of someone who does. I have found a few sets that are gutter rashed up but people askk to much for them. Cheers MAT
  14. Nissan consult bluetooth adaptor

    Haha. Nah mate me misses has all apple stuff and i got a microsoft phone