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  1. Condiments

    best BBQ sauce by far
  2. *** THE NEWS THREAD ***

    excellent news! Now to get rid of Lady Gaga and the human race can get some dignity back
  3. luxury watches

    thread rebirth...! Picked up this Seiko yesterday as a late birthday present, absolutely love it! Detailed enough that it doesn't look plain, but not too overtop/chunky etc... FYI, all the jewellery shops have sales on at the moment, so there's plenty of bargains around if ya looking for a new watch
  4. Energy Drinks

    don't drink them, may as well down 500ml of poison. also, red bull and mother just smell like dirty clubs. reminds me too much of vomit... my friends drink heaps. they're like "omg i'm sleepy, need MOOOTTHHHEERRRR" yeh...coz that's better than a proper sleeping pattern and a couple pieces of fruit
  5. Gran Turismo 5

    DOME Concept won it from an earlier series, kicks ass with a few mods on it
  6. Home brew beer

    we had our first explosion this weekend. batch of cider that was bottled too early (still formenting). a slabs worth was sitting in the corner of the garage, prob only took one to explode, which set the rest off. all but 5 bottles went bang! covered a 3-car garage with literally a carpet of small, 5-10cent coin size pieces of glass. on the upside, the garage smells like cider
  7. Gran Turismo 5

    ah what? i found the nascar challengers to be the easiest and quickest way of making monmey, i think its the intermediate one which has 5 events to it and each one if you get gold you get like 60 odd k and they all go for 13 secs hahha, so a few minutes of playing and you can rake in a fark load of cash. i now have a highly modded focus, a highly modded s15, a highly modded r35 gtr and then a bunch of buncky spec cars to use for other challanges and races, found a s1 and s2 s14 in used cars which i snapped up but the s1 is non turbo. Im up to level 12 at the moment and still have a 100 odd k in the bank. just trying to get gold on everything before i move up but what did people use for these 3 events on the begineers races euro classics jap classics world classics i wanted to get a crazy old jap classic like an old gtr and throw some cash at that so i can use it for the world classics as well and then just buy an old alfa for the euro but they just arnt coming up in used cars so i havent been able to do them yet. Jap Classics - The DOME concept. won it in another event, couple light mods and it easy wins Euro Classics - from memory (shit it was only this arvo and im struggling..) i used the Ferrari 512?BB. the cheapest Ferrari easy won World Classics - Buick Special '62 i think. stupidly fast and used it in the american muscle/classic races as well
  8. Gran Turismo 5

    just won the Buick Special, and as with GT4, it's freakin fast! i wanted an explanation, as i couldn't imagine Buick building a 200mph car in the 60's.... turns out it's based on a real car, hence the pace! would be pretty good braggin' rights telling ya mates your actual car is in the GT series Build Pics and a lot more info
  9. COD 7: Black Ops

    update went through today on PC version, seems to have improved the lag situation heaps! much more playable now
  10. COD 7: Black Ops

    Yeah, playing mainly on DEM, DOM, SAB, HC. Trying to avoid TDM and FFA. SPeTZNaZi if you see me ingame..... i've been in HC DOM and HC TDM upto level 20 or so but just about over it. the in-game lag/jumpyness just kills it.
  11. COD 7: Black Ops

    just finished the single player campaign. it was fun, but no way as good as the Infinity Ward campaigns. this felt more arcadey than really involving Felt a lot like Prototype, with all the cut scenes, long movie clips, brainwashing sotryline etc... like WaW, Treyarch have failed again with the gun sounds. tried 5.1 speakers and BOSE headphones, both sound like you're using cap guns grenades seem really weak? i played through on hardened and unless it exploded right at their feet, it didnt seem to do anything. AI was messed up in places. enemies standing around, my guys not shooting etc... Bullet penetration also seemed pretty average. shooting through wooden crates, cardboard boxes etc. didnt seem to do anything ah well, time to smash it up online
  12. COD 7: Black Ops

    if you want good graphics, join the Army!
  13. COD 7: Black Ops

    is there a common issue with lag/fps on PC? got single player going last night, but it was pretty jumpy. Every couple seconds will sorta freeze for a split second. Or if you pop around a corner into gun fire it'll get jumpy. Thought it might have been my PC (even though i have a good enough GPU), but if its common that gives me some hope! EDIT: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=275246 answered my own question
  14. COD 7: Black Ops

    over 2 hours to update Steam, f**king hate having to use this POS software