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  1. Ryan Dunn dead

    http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/entertainment/a/-/entertainment/9675840/jackass-co-star-dunn-dies-in-car-crash-in-pennsylvania/ Sad
  2. Saw this the other night, thought it was sensational. Agree, the middle ones were a bit iffy but this was back to form for me, 8-9/10
  3. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    Again, had one game straight away last night, lobby closed then nothing else. Gave up after half an hour searching.
  4. home audio whats a good brand?

    Bower & Wilkins? TBH, you want it for radio and Ipod, mega dollar speakers are going to be a waste as neither formats are rich enough to make the most of those types of speakers. You haven't given a budget at all. I recently sold my all in one panasonic system so I could start on a component setup. I have atm, Yamaha RXV540 6.1 Receiver Sony Transmission Line Towers Accusound active sub. All up this set up has cost me around $250 used and absolutely demolishes the previous one in volume and clarity. There is a lot of quality gear second hand going for peanuts if you're just starting out. If I bought that gear new, the speakers alone were near on a grand, as was the amp. The sub is the only average part I might look at upgrading.
  5. yeah was a damn good movie for its time, still holds its own today. I'm a fan
  6. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    Can't find any local games on MW2. Had one last night with like 7 guys in it. Been none today and no others last night. Think its time to pull the plug on MW2
  7. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    I'm semi keen although this downtime with the PSN has left me "meh" about online gaming. Its back up and I still havent been bothered playing.
  8. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    Derp to some ps3 owners this was like buying an iPhone then apple took away the call feature The army had ps3s running Linux that were used for calculations as an example and they had to block the update Donny Geo hots wasn't doing anything wrong so why should he hide his name? Didn't the army only use them cause they had the highest spec for dollar ratio at the time? What do fat 40 year old virgins living at home have in common with the military? lol
  9. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    Exactly my point! Sony can do what the f**k they want with their own product and the people that breach its terms of use. 95% of users are unaffected by Sony's choices in these matters but now the 5% queers have ensured its 100% of users problem now.
  10. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    What have these nerds got against Sony anyway? They have always offered free online play, free access to Vidzone and shit. wtf? All they're doing is pissing off millions of people that wanna get on with their gaming. Hate to break it to these "visionaries" but Sony is still making MILLIONS from the other 95% of electronic shit they sell.
  11. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    Its highly unlikely the world will ever resort to nuclear war. There is nothing to be gained long term from it. Someone will always back down last minute.
  12. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    Blame Sony all you want, its these f**king moronic nerds that keep f**king this up for everyone.
  13. Thinking of getting a laptop vs a desktop

    Tend to disagree Have always bought used laptops, this Toshiba is 4 years old and cost $150, have had it a year with no problems at all, same as two before it. I had a desktop and you need to have a desk and area for it. Laptop can be kept anywhere and used anywhere, any time. You can also buy a decent new laptop for around $450 which you'd be hard pressed to get a decent desktop for. I think the day has come where you really need to justify a desktop rather then a laptop like days passed.
  14. Thinking of getting a laptop vs a desktop

    Depending on what you wanna use it for and what you wanna spend etc. Can buy a decent laptop now with win 7, 500gb drive etc etc for $500 new. or if you're a tight *milkshake* like me and just wanna use it for net etc, cruise Gumtree. I got a Centrino duo lappy from 07 that does everything I need it to for $150.
  15. Sony PS3 and all sony networks down

    Believe it or not, there ARE other things to do in this world then play PS3 online. Use this time to broaden your horizons.