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  1. It's not like we mean to I know that dude, looking at some of your work on here, you are 100x better at welding than me. Those thoughts are directed at the blokes who go ape shit at us, as if its our fault there's lack of root in their weld or whatever and it fails.
  2. Haha I meant for in this thread, but yeah we definitely run into a few blokes that lose their shit once we fail a weld, especially when its the 50mmwt and greater stuff! Not very nice having to deal with that but as you said just doing our jobs, so at the end of the day not really all that fussed if they get shitty, shouldn't have f***ed up
  3. With the amount of welders and boilermakers that hate us for failing there welds (I'm an N.D.T Tech) I'm suprised that's the first mention for us shitting you blokes off! haha
  4. Travelling to Bali

    Yeah mate, amazing scenery up in the hills, heaps and heaps of culture. Theres a shitload more to Bali than just the beach and Kuta area. Make friends with some of the Balinese and see if you can up and see there villages, how they live etc. If your into food then its a winner as well, some of the best food I have eaten was over there, cooked on a wood fire in a small village.
  5. Travelling to Bali

    Hey mate, Been to Bali a whole heap of times done a few boys trips there over the last two years with mates so might be able to give abit of help. Capital City is Denpasar, not much there except some big shopping centres and stuff, generally most tourists hang around the Kuta region. Best places to stay depends on what sort of time you are looking for, if you are looking to just go nuts and party then I would recommend anywhere in Legian as its close to all the major clubs and beaches but just that bit nicer to be around. Tuban is another choice if you are looking at staying in some big hotels, its a strip along the beach located right next to the airport where most of the main hotels are. The layout of Tuban, Kuta and Legian is pretty close so its only a 15-20minute walk from one end to the other. However, if you are looking at just chilling out for most of the trip then look deeper in land, massively chilled out places to stay up near Ubud, One hotel I have been too overlooks the river where you can do white water rafting with rooms pretty much perched on the side of a cliff, simply amazing stuff. Clubs over there are kind of everywhere in Kuta, but there are the few main ones, being Bounty, Paddy's, Engine Room and Sky garden (3 or 4 different levels of clubs). I prefer Paddy's and Bounty just cos its where most people go so has a better atmosphere. Just be prepared to hear the same songs over and over again while you are there. Pretty much you cant really go wrong over there, can bribe police if you get caught no wearing a helmet on a scooter, magic mushies etc etc.. Just dont get caught doing really stupid shit like weed etc and you will be right. If you are getting scooters and that make sure you have travel insurance, seen a few people over there come off them during the rain and ending up in pretty bad knick. So its better to have that bit of mind, knowing you wont be thrown a massive medical/damage bill if something does happen. I have babbled on for long enough so if you have any more questions just shoot us a PM or something man, happy to help out.
  6. Anyone been to Bali?

    The last time I went we stayed at the Ramada Bintang. As Swilly said it has a massive pool and looks the goods but it doesn't have that feel to it that the smaller places do. However, Gusti at the pool bar is an absolute champ and if you are ever there try and find him for a good laugh!
  7. Anyone been to Bali?

    Virgin Blue (Pacific Blue) are doing cheap flights direct from Adelaide to Denpasar at the moment, they are doing 3 flights a week. Roughly $8-900 Return. Travel insurance is about $130, good to have in case something gets snatched from your bag when your in busy places (Happened to my GF last time we were there, camera, wallet, and cash gone). That scooter insurance is an extra $25 per party (2 people) but haven't read if International license is necessary or not.
  8. Anyone been to Bali?

    Stayed in Bali a few times man, about to head over there with 3 other mates in June... It all really depends on how much you want to spend as most hotel provide the services you are after. Our whole trip from Adelaide including accommodation and airfares for 13 nights was only $1100 plus travel insurance. We have been booked into the Baleka Beach Resort which is just a budget hotel in Legian. However I have stayed previously in the Ramada Bintang and Legian Beach Hotel which are more up market resorts and therefore cost alot more. What I have found when over there is you are barely ever in your room anyway so there is no point spending a heap on a 4-5 star hotel when you can sneak into there pools and bars from the beach entrances anyway. As you are going over New years there is going to be a hell of alot going on anyway which as you have already found with the Bounty that your choices are going to be more limited the longer you wait. If you want to know anything more then just PM me.
  9. Booked my trip to Bali for June!
  10. Rock n Rolla

    Watched it in the cinemas and hired it again tonight, as people have said not quite up to snatch and it's about on par with lock, stock. 20minutes is barely skimming the surface on any of his movies. "daddy was a bankrobber, he never hurt nobody! he just loved to live that way, he loved to steal that way' great song haha
  11. Good find! I tried my luck at it and found out I'm shit at making little paper models. Here is my final result.
  12. White 98 180sx type x FOR SALE!

    He said it was a type s now in his post dude. Looks clean man good luck with it, sounds like coilovers are the next mod?
  13. Rise Against

    11 more days till the concert!
  14. Clipsal 500

    All 4 days for me, pit straight! Always a great weekend to be had, even if you don't like the V8's. I heard something about the pace car being an R35 GTR this year?
  15. What school did you go to

    Plympton Primary (Years R-1) Glenelg Primary (Years 1-7) Brighton Secondary (Years 8-12) Age: 19