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  1. Cold start high revs

    looks like the one on the left is the turbo one and rhe one on the right is a NA one.
  2. Cold start high revs

    i know its not doing any damage just its a bit annoying as its my daily and it never used to do it. Thankyou
  3. Cold start high revs

    I have a S15 with a few modifications ie, turbo, throttle body, injectors, AFM and power fc and lately when cold it revs up too 2500 rpm, it never used to do this. how do i make it back to normal? once car warms up the revs drop and its fine but its just annoying that all of a sudden that it revs so high after not doing it.
  4. Gear box and diff oil

    i have an S15 as a daily running 18PSi with 220 atw was wondering what gearbox and diff oil i should use
  5. Engine cut

    yea has an upgraded fuel pump. not sure if it loses spark or fuel. how can i tell if it does?
  6. Engine cut

    yea its all been tuned
  7. Engine cut

    Hi i have recently done upgrades to my s15 turbo and after driving it for a few minutes it sometimes cuts the engine off... this started happening after i put on a garrett 2871r, 555cc injectors, Z32 afm, full exhaust and a na s14 throttle body. i have no idea what could be the problem. I'm running a power fc and everything looks good on there including engine temp and knocking and everything. Need help desperately as this is my daily.