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  1. Check it out...my web page

    Ok finally updated some stuff: http://www.sr20tuning.com More specifically a new page: http://www.sr20tuning.com/suspension.html To those kind people who like my site then please click on a banner once or twice
  2. Check it out...my web page

    Your attitude is fantastic! You've inspired me to do some more work on my own site.
  3. Check it out...my web page

    Thanks for the kind words. My site started very similar to yours, and just grew and grew over the years with new articles. One suggestion is that you use paragraphs a little more. Full screens full of uninterupted text is a little daunting. But I can't talk I never proff read/spell check my site, it's full of typos.
  4. Picked up one in stock on Monday arvo. Couldn't be happier with service and price. Thanks Bart, free bump for you.

    Gain is the aggressiveness in which the ebc tries to work. The higher the number (0-100), the faster the boost. Too high and you may overshoot and get spiking however. So as high as you can get it without spiking= trial and error. Testament to the quality of this ebc I have always has mine set to 100 gain on the t25g and hks gt2510 and never experienced any spiking.
  6. Did you change the studs between turbo to manifold? I think they have a habit of stretching out of shape over time, so new ones are a must.
  7. lol Everytime I think I have the radiator solved the theory is blown away! I'm just glad it's twice as thick as factory.
  8. Usually you'll begin with a really cheap nast oil for the first startup. Drive it around the block then dump it and put in some half decent mineral based oil. The aim to provide varying load to bed in the rings. Don't let it sit on the same rpm for too long (that includes idling). Don't be afraid to let if have some boost and revs but obviously don't go all out. Your engine builder should be able to specify further.
  9. Skyline R34 Workshop Manual

    You are on a Nissan Silvia site. While there is a slim chance someone has the said manual, it would be infinitely more wise to post such a question on a Nissan Skyline site. Good luck.
  10. Tomei Dump Pipe

    Yeah the construction looks fantasticly smooth. I think there might be a few kw just hiding in the smoothness of the inside. btw that downgforce thingy for the WRX lower down is complete bullshit. Holds absolutely no physical argument as to working.
  11. Go 264/264 cams insted of 256/264. The extra few kw up top will be worth a tiny (and probably not noticable) loss down low on the 256/264. As for turbo with the rest of your setup a genuine JDM BB T28 will get there for sure. No need to spend more or go bigger if a responsive 200rwkw drift car is your aim. As others have said management and a manifold should be there too. Also look at an S14/15 radiator. Bolts in with minor alterations to the top end brackets and is exactly twice as thick as the S13 item.
  12. just finshed brakes

    The full 5 stud conversion like yon80 speaks of will cost significantly more than just upgrading the front with redrilled discs. I'd say that could be done for under $500 comfortably if you can most of the work yourself.
  13. 202rwkw, but is there anymore?

    Also just of note 100% duty cycle means the injector is open 100% of the time. In the upper rpm ranges under load it's switched open like a tap.
  14. Just like the S13 was offered in two body variations: Silvia coupe 180sx hatch