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  1. Hi All, I'm posting my DR30 up for sale. It's a shame, I've had it four years but Im not using it as much as i'd like so it's better to let it go to someone who'll get some use out of it. Details below 983 DR30 2 door Skyline RS-X FJ20ET Recaro seats (driver and passenger). They are the 80's recliner seats with the net headrest All original interior except for the front seats and the stereo Power windows, cruise control etc. Modifications Now, I must point out these were essential mods as I couldn't get replacement parts EM-80 ECU (original one had a wiring issue) EFI Fuel Rail (required due to the ecu change) 880cc injectors (as above) 15inch watanabe's Steering box was replaced with a rack and pinion from a r31. The cross member was modified to keep the geometry as close to original as possible Fuel tank was replaced with an r31 tank & r31 fuel pump & sensors Custom 3inch turbo back exhaust and new cat by High Performance Exhausts in Sydney S13 MCA Red coilovers to replace the original tired coilovers. Original balanced maintained with a specially designed spacer Jenesis dash A31 Cefiro brakes and hubs Paint in great condition, it did get a respray what looks like 10 years ago so the stickers were replaced and the original colour was white which you can see under the carpet. The paint is not perfect, but considering the age of the car, im stoked with it. Power - It's about 180kw at the moment The bad - Rear back window switch has broken. Very common as the plastic gets really brittle over time - There are a few marks in the paint that need touching up. I am looking at this now and prefer to get it fixed before i sell it - The air cond is not as good as it could be, but i guess for a 35 year old car, you'd expect that Currently under historic registration so that will need to be transferred by joining a club etc Asking $19,000 ono. If you're in the market for one of these, feel free to come and check it out. Located in Malvern Liz 0414508002
  2. 94 180sx Fast Reliable Club Trackday Car - VIC FOR SALE Love this thing, but I've lost interest Would suit someone wanting to get into club level motorsport and learn about driving on a track, without putting your expensive GTR/Euro/whatever in harms way. It is one of those cars that literally has too much to list, but I’ll give it a go. Rego has lapsed and it was last registered in NSW 6 months ago 1994 RPS13 1195kgs with 1/2 a tank S14 Motor S14 gearbox Makes 290rwkw on 18psi, pump 98. 270 16psi / 230ish 12psi Dyno sheets available Tuned by DVS Jez Power FC Z32 afm Alpha Omega/ Unigroup cams Stock bottom end, with VCT still active GTX3071 (0.63) on a 6Boost manifold, Tial 44mm ext gate (plumb back or screamer) Lots of custom intake and exhaust pipe work Freedy intake plenum. Profec II boost controller Ducted Oil Cooler / remote oil filter / oil temp gauge. Power Steering Cooler Greddy extended sump Drivetrain: Nismo coppermix clutch S14 box, freshened up by Award KAAZ 1.5 way Mech centre 4.11 R200 (with 3.9 ring and pinion incl) 5 Stud conv. Brakes: R33 Brembos front, 2 piece rotors Winmax pads R33 gtst Rears, Winmax pads BM57 upgraded master cyl Suspension: Tein monoflex coil overs Various adjustable arms throughout Whiteline swaybars fnt&rear Worn bushes replaced Corner weighted for me @ Road2Race Body : Not a show car, but presents reasonably with no rust or damage. Nice and straight. OEM Type X front bar AND lip Glass 2 piece sideskirts. Interior: Good cond dash 4 point weld in cage Velo fixed back seat / Sparco harness RPM wheel Stripped of all carpet, rear seats etc etc PowerFC controller Oil temp gauge Wheels: Road : Nismo (RAYS) LMGT2 17x8 / 17x9 Federal RSR tyres Track: Grams Lights 57F 17x8.5 +22 (old tyres are on them that need to be removed) So I’m selling with both sets of wheels The car is garaged, and basically sits on a trickle charger 360 days a year. It is serviced as a track car would be, very frequent oil and filters, incl gearbox and diff. PLEASE don’t text me / call me and ask what the lowest price is. I will just tell you more than the price below. Price : $15,000 ono Call Liz 0414508002 Car located in Malvern Here are some photos with the old front bar (need to track down some more photos of a more recent shot!)
  3. SAU Nats

    It's a shame you had to leave early was a great weekend anyhow I only got 6 laps in before I had to call it a day with a blown turbo! shit go for me, but it's my own fault really, I didn't really think anything of the problems I was having until my turbo started spitting oil everywhere next time tiger!
  4. yep... the 10.99 rule is an ANDRA rule, not SAUs... The majority of people won't be that quick if you do run sub 10.99s, you'd know when you're on track for a sub 11, and be able to back off before the line.
  5. yeah sorry about the 1000hp reference! I copied this from the SAU thread, but the intention was that if you're new, you're probably not going to run straight into the 10.99s without big HP.... not my choice of wording, prommise! Wednesday night is just that, a night time, you're waiting in line for ages in the freezing cold, you've got limited time to fit your runs in and there is well over 40 cars that turn up. This event has a maximum of 40 cars, and is run all day! You'll probably run out of energy before you run out of time! After a full day of drag racing, you really get into gear with it! All that practise!
  6. Hey all! The SAU members wanted it, and it has been delivered. SAUNSW is going DRAG RACING!!! Event: SAUNSW Private Hire @ WSID Dragway Location: Western Sydney International Dragway (Eastern Creek) Date: 9th July 2011 Time: Gates open at 8am, Racing ends at 4pm What is it: Drag Racing Lunch: BBQ and cans of soft drink provided free of charge to Entrants Spectators: (See below) BBQ will be a gold coin donation per snag sandwich and a gold coin donation per can of drink (selection of flavours available) which will go to The Heart Foundation Passengers: Not permitted First timers: Don't be shy, you'll love it. Its a great chance to race your mates and not worry about police / "safety" cameras etc. Entry costs: SAUNSW Club members; $200 Entry costs: Non members; $220 Photography Service: Included in entry fee, See below How to get there; If you know how to get to Eastern Creek Circuit, do exactly that but use the next street on the left AFTER the usual EC turnoff. The entry we are using is not the one thats 50m from the EC entrance, its the one on the other side of WSID Sydney Dragway is located centrally in the Sydney Metropolitan area, just 32 kilometres west of the CBD, 12 kilometres west of the Parramatta CBD, 18 kilometres east of Penrith, 13 kilometres north-west of Liverpool, and 6 kilometres south-west of Blacktown, placing it at the heart of Sydney's population and closer to major population centres than any other track in the country. Within a 30 kilometre radius live 1.6 million people. Why go to this over the WSID Wednesday night meets? Easy, you'll get 4 or 5 runs on those nights, but on a private hire day like this you'll get about 40 runs Entrants 1. Entries are open now 2. Cost for SAUNSW members is $200 (Double entered is $50) 3. Cost for non members is $220 (Double entered is $60) 4. Each car may be double entered once. EG Two drivers one car is fine, three drivers and one car is not 5. Maximum of 50 drivers 6. Entrants are provided 2 cans of drink and 2 sausage sandwiches throughout lunch which is 1pm until 130pm Spectators 1. Spectators MUST be organised before the day as this is a private/closed event. 2. Each driver is provided with 5 spectator entry tickets (these are being held by SAUNSW so we can distribute to everyone to make sure everyone can get in) 3. Tickets will be allocated to spectators before the day and handed out on the day to those people 4. Club Execs will be at the entry gate from 830am until 10am to hand out tickets. Get there before 10am to get a ticket, we wont stand there all day as we're there to enjoy the day aswel 5. If you want to spectate, put your name in this thread and DO NOT just write "Joe Blow x 3", we must have every spectator's full name or no ticket. 6. SAUNSW and WSID reserve the right to refuse entry without justification (EG Don't come with a bad attitude) Photography Service 1. Once we reach 40 entrants, SAUNSW will book the club photographers at no charge to entrants 2. SAUNSW club photographers will have access to some awesome angles/shots which no one else does. 3. Included will be a DVD of photos from the day sent to you a couple of weeks after the event 4. The DVD will be sent to the address you use on the entry form 5. If you want a photo printed out in high resolution on quality photo paper, speak to "Matboy" and he can sort that out after the event of course 6. Examples of photo quality can be found in the SAU thread (link posted above) How fast can I go? Go as fast as you like! If you faster than 12.00 you need to buy an ANDRA Super Street licence (available from Aaron on the day) If you run faster than 10.99 you'll have to park and spectate for the rest of the day (If you're new to drag racing, don't worry, unless you've got MASSIVE HP (1000hp) you wont do this) Wow that's a lot of reading! Sure is, it was also a lot for me to type! We have to abide by WSID rules, so we are doing that. Most questions that would be asked have already been covered above. If you have a question that's not answered above, feel free to ask Entries form attached. But there is also an emailable form available here - http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/364933-s-a-u-n-s-w-private-wsid-drag-racing-day/ Get to it - this will sell out. See you at the track! SAUNSW drag day form FOR RETURN BY FAX.pdf
  7. Powder Coating Rims

    Craved Coatings did my rocker cover a few years ago, stella job!
  8. Price : $50 Condition : Used All located in Sydney's north. Will post at buyers expense - Stock front caster rods - $50 - left side window switch in surround - $10 - sold - pending payment - Left front sidelight - $5 - sold pending payment - Steering surround - $10 - Window washer bottle with motor - $40 - sold pending payment - S13 steering wheel - $50 - right hand side wing mirror - It has a crack in the plastic at the end - $10 - Aerial and motor - $10 - sold, pending payment - Left and Right window regulators - $60 each - Stock Front struts with king springs.- $40 the pair - Sold - Dash surround - $30 - sold, pending payment - Front drivers side window - Slightly tinted - $70 - Steering column - $60 - Window seal thingies (see picture) = $10 each (i also have door seals if needed) - Seat belt set front and rear - $100 - fronts sold, pending payment - Car body wiring looms. please ask - Bonnet catch and release - $50 - Door catches - left and right -$40 each - Indicator and window wiper stalk and surround -$40 - Central locking motor - $40 - Demister switch - free - Drivers side seal rails - $50 - Ignition barrel and locks inc keys -$50 - Air conditioning controls - free - Diff internals - 6 bolt from turbo 180 (95) - $50 - Diff in case - 6 bolt from turbos silvia - Rear cradle - everything except lower control arms. - $100 - Door handles - pearl white - $40 each - the metal cover to where you put petrol in (whatever the hell that's called lol) - Pearl white - $40 - Rear window from a 180sx. Dark tinted. - $100 Currently attached to the boot lid which has rusted. Can remove or sell as is. I've also got air conditioning parts from behind the dash that I'm going to chuck, so if you're after any of that stuf, just ask! Pics up tomorrow! Please pm me if interested in anything.
  9. wtb complete rb30

    its probably cheaper just to get an r31
  10. moving to Melbourne - 1 Intake mod rule?

    bare in mind that having an interstate registered car is almost your free ticket out of a defect station! *touch wood*
  11. awwwww well i found some new power! 210rwkw..finally!
  12. Make and model: 180sx Size of engine: sr20 - s14 motor Modifications to the car: pfc, 780cc injectors, z32 afm, aftermarket plenum and exhaust manifold Type of turbo: gt2860rs Trim of turbo: Rear Exhaust housing: .86 When does vehicle begin boost: 2500rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 3500 - 18psi Does the vehicle have Cams? no What brand: What lift/duration etc: Max power achieve at what boost: 208 @ 18psi
  13. racepace good tuner for SR's?

    lol.. poor trent! If I were you, I'd go meet them all and then decide who you want to go with. Everyone's going to have a different opinion of a different mechanic. That's what I did and I'm more than happy with what's happening with my car at the moment in the workshop. But I'd say is go with the people who are more experianced in tuning rather than the guys who are a bit green. Liz.
  14. Australian Race Tracks

    nice one!!!
  15. oooo.. i bought heaps, either they're in hand or they're on order engine - lol.. i blew my engine so i got another s14 engine.. it came with an awesome dump pipe and some engine mounts which look pretty hard! new piping z32 afm highflowed injectors wing style sump - still gotta find one i think there are a few more parts i've forgotten about...