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  1. Yeah I had a squiz at the model that now has the built in GPS and does seem like a good watch.
  2. I have my doubts asking for help on this site anymore but if there is anyone here who has used the Garmin GPS watches in particular the 405, 405cx, 410 and 310xt I would like to know what you thought. Thanks a bunch.
  3. Australian Defence Force info

    Scuba instructer is good lol
  4. What are you counting as high rep M? 10-15?
  5. Olympic lifting goals

    Okay cool. Should be able to clean 1.5x Im close to power snatching BW only really had 4 or so sessions though, still getting the feel for it. When/if my ankle gets better i'll start practicing full cleans and snatches. Probably going to order some Risto weightlifting shoes soon.
  6. Olympic lifting goals

    Yeah it's probably a big ask but f uck why not hey. I want to go to shire speed and strength, maybe they can get me on the right path. Get myself some rad weightlifting shoes, some sweet technique and a few grand angus burgers and maybe in a year or two and who knows. Cheers mate. Oh so what would you class as excellent? 1.5 x BW powerclean, BW power snatch? I breezed through your link but they are jets lol.
  7. Olympic lifting goals

    I just power cleaned 115kg comfortably today to get an idea of where I was at. I had ankle surgery about a month ago so cant really try full cleans yet. Would it be fair to say an eventual goal of 140kg full clean be unrealistic? I'm not really sure what's considered good/very good/awesome for non competive people.
  8. What is considered good lifting in the olympic lifts? Power and full versions?
  9. Shire Speed and Strength

    I'm STILL mega busy hahaha but im going to try check this place out. Forgot all about it. Has anyone been going here???
  10. Australian Defence Force info

    I wouldn't bother learning a language. IF you do, it would ideally be Pashto but there are different dialects of Pashto and some words are totally different depending on which one you do. Just let defence train you if you need it for your job. No need to be stupidly keen on things that are way down the line in prority of things that could be much more beneficial to you. As for your drug and depression situation I dont fancy your chances simply because of how recent they are. Especially with the sort of information you will be privy to as a sig. HOWEVER i've seen some real winners manage to sneak in defence, can only try.
  11. Running Thread v.2

    Holy shit that is fast!!!!
  12. Australian Defence Force info

    Don't be like that, they're as dumb as grunts and as full of themselves as SF Hey.... Infuntry guuud But in all seriousness, infantry is heavily underated. and are nowhere near as dumb as people think. Transport/Gunner on the other hand... This is so true. The most useless and retarded soldiers I have ever met are transport. At least a gunner is generally pretty good at his job and can actually do physical tasks under direction of a SNCO lol. Extremely close direction
  13. Australian Defence Force info

    And still put his hand up for a helicopter course just after he's finished unloading that connex
  14. Australian Defence Force info

    And we lived happily ever after. If he made it in no doubt he would be shit jobs Chase hahaha. Chase you do it to yourself and you not "getting it" really says alot about yourself.