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180....km/h that is :-)

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About 180....km/h that is :-)

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    95 Nissan 180sx
  1. Removing reap spoiler? (S15)

    Just take the spoiler off and tape up the holes in it from the inside. That way it wont leak and it will looking decent if you use black tape stuck from inside the boot
  2. Rev meter wont work!

    If everything else is working in the cluster I would just buy myself a nice tacho to sit on the dash.

    I have an X-Force exhaust turbo back on my s13 and I noticed quite a good power gain in high revs. If you asked me I would definantely recommend that exhaust.
  4. 1/4 Mile Times

    Are we talking bout a v6 commo Borgen111? If not your time doesnt sound right at all. I saw someone run a vs commo with a cat back exhaust with cold air intake and K&N panel filter and he only got into the 16's.
  5. 1/4 Mile Times

    Good to see what I need to do to get a decent 1/4 mile time. I'm planning on going down to calder park pretty soon to see what my beast can do on the strip.
  6. 1/4 Mile Times

    Hi all, Wanting to know what sort of 1/4 mile times u guys can get and with what sort of mods. Particularly interested in the 180sx 1/4 mile times but all are welcome to brag. Cheers
  7. Exhaust System S13 180SX

    I would say a 3 inch from turbo back should do the trick. I have recently put one of these on my 180sx sr20 and I can tell you that it was worth every penny. Made a big difference in top end speed and made the car a lot more enjoyable to drive with the deep note coming out of it.
  8. skyline

  9. I think my speedos out ....

    My name is Tamer by the way since I think I never bothered to introduce myself officially. Dont know why I picked the name I did. spare of the moment thing. meh
  10. I think my speedos out ....

    5th gear going 100 km/hr should be bout the 2.5k rpm mark, 4th gear going 50km/hr should be 2000rpm. Drive up next to a mate and get him to go the exact speed limit and compare. same thing happened tom my 180 a while back
  11. exhaust for 180sx sr20DET

    can anyone help please? Is the difference between the 2.5 inch and the 3 inch gonna be big? thnx
  12. exhaust for 180sx sr20DET

    Hi all, I am getting an exhaust fitted soon on my sr20det 180sx and have had a word with a couple of exhaust places. They said that a 3 inch system would not bolt straight onto my cat or my turbo and was thinking I might get a 2.5 inch system. what sizes have other people gone with their 180 exhaust systems and would a 2.5 inch system increase performance and airflow in my car? (high flow cat also in system, not sure what kind)
  13. Crunch!

    I have the same problem with my 5-speed sr20. When down gearing from 5th to 4th it's crunching. I am going to check the gear oil and fill it either today or tomorow so I will let you know how it works out after that.
  14. Transmission fluid

    Hi all, was wanting to fill my transmission fluid on my 5 speed 180sx but cant find it anywhere. Could anyone please tell me where I can fill my transmission fluid from? in engine bay or under car near gearbox? thnx
  15. Speedo not working on S13

    I had a speedo problem with my s13. Speedo wouldnt display correctly and would surge all over the place. Took it to an auto electrics place and they fixed it for a reasonable price.