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  1. Check this NSW vs QLD origin abuse thing, some funny shit going up lol. http://www.hateyoucards.com/nsw or http://www.hateyoucards.com/qld
  2. josh's C33

    Introducing: The Bolt-On Guard Connoisseurs
  3. Went on a weekend away with a whole bunch of mates, few of our girlfriends tagged along. Me and my girlfriend at the time got stuck with a single top bunk on this rickety old bunkbed because my single mate (who went to bed early) snaked the lower queen-size bunk on it for himself. To express our distaste at his decision, we proceeded to completely smash each other above him on the single bed, the thing was making so much noise and was shaking like crazy. So I guess I didn't really get busted, I was just an asshole.
  4. josh's C33

    Yeah do that
  5. josh's C33

    It's empire aero. Surprisingly it's an awesome fit though. Doesn't need any prep work at all, it's just not fitted up fully in the photo.
  6. s13 Rims recomendations

    If you aren't even prepared to roll your guards then you're up shit creek. Or at tempe tyres, which is also known as shit creek.
  7. ChromeKillers x Five

    Tried on my mate's 13s from his gemini. Didn't clear the brakes, but might get some slip-ons just to run them for shits and giggles
  8. ChromeKillers x Five

    Doesn't really show how low it actually is, but I'll get some better photos soon
  9. ChromeKillers x Five

    Sweet... I'll post up an outside shot of how it sits soon. It's.... low.
  10. Can't blame video games or movies, it's just the person. I've played violent video games and watched violent movies my whole life and I've hardly killed anyone.
  11. Just thought I'd let you guys know that for the next 2 weeks or so I can get 1000 business cards done for the same price as 500, if anyone's interested. Not sure exactly how long for but definitely 2 weeks atleast. If you do, email me through my website and just let me know you're from ns.com so i don't charge you normal price
  12. Got the D-Hole style man. I'll take a photo tomorrow from above