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  1. Hey guys, I'm keeping my eyes open for a tidy S15 and was wondering if anyone can recomend a quality workshop to do a mechanical inspection and compression test on any potential purchases. I have previously used German Auto's in Geebung but figure a workshop more familiar with S15's may be the go. Thanks
  2. It makes me sad when people like B.O.X, talk about boost as if it is a standard amount of air across all options of forced induction. They completely ignore airflow volume and the actual important pressure to take into consideration, combustion pressure (=power/torque). Boost itself is largely irrelevant and just an easy way to compare results/efficiency/restrictions between builds with the same turbo/supercharger.
  3. Think before running from police

    I would agree you are less likely to suffer severe injury at lower speeds if something does happen but lower speeds themselves have not proven to be safer. Look at central and northern europe, most of these countries have many dangerous roads and conditions such as fog and snow being very common yet most barely target speeding. The german autobahn have less than half the fatality rate of Australian highways and are in very close standing with the safest (lowest fatality rate) highways in the world. Something common between most of these countries is they have quite involved driver training and licencing systems and the driver mentality over there is quite different to Australia. Even Japan which has endless highways and a very dense population manage a 25% lower road fatalities rate per 100,000 population. This is from the vice president of safety development for Mercedes Benz, a manufacturer who have arguably been at the forefront of vehicle safety development for the last twenty years. Not only does he point out the experiences in Germany but also identifies that many people are lulled into a false sense of security because they think they only have to worry about the speed limit rather than driving to the conditions. This is a huge issue I see here on a weekly basis, the flawed thinking that you are safe if you are not speeding and this is one of the reasons I think the focus on speeding needs to be reduced. The last bit is also interesting that stability control accounted for a 30% reduction in single car accidents so my previous post identifying driving aids such as stability control and traction control combined with other safety features having made most of the difference is probably not far off. I have found similar stats from other countries with many showing a reduction in road fatalities primarily as driving aids and vehicle safety increased. Yet there is almost no evidence to support that heavily targeting speeding saves lives and in some cases it has coincided with an increase in fatalities though it would be a long stretch to conclude that increased targeting of speeding was the cause of the increase in fatalities. The fact is that it didn't reduce fatalties. Honestly how can a van hidden behind bushes on the side of a road pinging people for a couple km over save lives? The driver gets a fine in the mail a week later, is a bit cranky, pays it and moves on with their life with no change and it certianly doesn't make them better drivers or more able drivers. Speeding itself is not always bad or dangerous driving regardless of legaity. Not being alert and aware of what is going on around you, not shoulder checking, not indicating when changing lanes around other traffic, running red lights and driving too fast for the conditions are always dangerous. I do agree it is very hard to police poor driving. Rather than spending the many millions on anti speeding campaigns etc that money could at least be put towards making people more aware and trying to breed better more alert drivers. Rather than doubling the required hours for learner drivers to be elegable to do their P's test they should put together a better training system that seeks to create good capable drivers rather than people that can pass a one off test. I have noticed some ads airing with Craig Lowndes on this avenue which I think is great but they are few and far between. Perhaps I didn't make it clear in my original post but I am not suggesting that there should be less restrictions but less focus on speeding. We need to promote good driving and being able to handle a vehcile as opposed to if you don't speed you are a good safe driver.
  4. Think before running from police

    @ Smokey: I personally don't see speed itself as being much of an issue. There are a number of more significant factors when it comes to both road safey and the cause behind a crash. Things such as conditions (visibility, weather, traffic, road surface etc), alertness and driving ability (including both being able to handle a vehcile and obeying the road rules such as headchecking and indicating before changing lanes) are of far more importance yet speed is targeted as the single evil when it is actually quite a small componant. There is no doubt that increased speed increases stopping time, gives less time to react and multiplies potential damage but in and of itself does not increase the likely hood of a crash, it must be coupled with other factors for it to be of any consiquence. People have already posted a number of examples of extremely neglegent driving on the road that is far more dangerous than being a couple k's over on an empty road on a clear day with great driving conditions. Almost every time I am out on the road I see multiple cases of people not paying attention, not head checking and indicating when changing lanes, running red lights, driving far beyond the conditions and being generally useless. Being a useless driver is not an excuse for dangerous actions and not speeding doesn't make these people any safer. There is this notion, from my experience widely held among the older generations, that because you don't speed you are a good or safe driver when in fact many of these people can be far more dangerous. Exceeding the speed limit is against the law, I accept that but the emphasis placed on speeding itself is hugely out of balance in my opinion. If you look at road fatalities which are already quite reasonable when you take into consideration the poor driver training, low average ability and number of drivers on the road, the vast majority of reductions have been from the adoption of safer vehicles. Look at crash statistics, the numbers I saw showed that total crash numbers continue to rise with population, the main difference is that more people are surviving. Things such as stability and traction control are helping reduce the number and severity of unable drivers getting into trouble on poor surfaces, in the rain and in emergancy situations. ABS has significantly reduced average stopping distance purely because of how few people know how to brake without ABS. The built in energy absorbtion of new vehicles is multiples of vehicles from even the late 90's and the development of air bags and number implemented in vehicles has increased significantly. Simply put I don't see how the war on speed has in any way contributed to safer roads and less fatalities in any measurable amount, certianly not compared to the advancements in vehcile safety. Each year hundreds of thousands of new significantly safer cars are being purchased and replacing older vehicles, this is where any plateau or reduction of fatalities has come from in the last 15 years. It is also a stretch to think the road toll can be significantly reduced with a growing population let alone by combating speeding as the root of all evil. That 5km/hr over isn't what is causing someone to crash, being an inept driver is. I have seen first hand examples in stark contrast to what the media and police advertisement would have the general population believe. I have seen, repeatedly I might add, people in peak hour traffic, heavy rain and poor visibility, weaving, not indicating, not controlling their speed resulting in rubber banding traffic resulting in them being rediculously dangerous at or under the speed limit. Even people driving at or under the speed limit can pose serious danger as while they are not breaking the legal limit they are still well above a reasonable speed for the conditions. The number of people that seem to think that because they aren't exceeding the posted speed limit they are being safe is rediculous. I have older family members who think they are amazingly safe drivers who in the wet brake extremely late and ride the brakes through corners, it is just rediculous, they wait until it is too late and hope that they will be ok rather than entering the corner at an appropriate speed to begin with. You also have to consider that braking reduces vehicle cornering traction so by being on the brakes through the corner your grip is significantly lower in a situation you would want all the grip you can get. Braking late and into a corner means you also have the forward weight transfer taxing your limited grip even more. To the exact opposite of that I have seen more occurances than I could count of great visibility, great driving conditions and almost every person on the road exceeding the speed limit and there is far less danger. People are keeping constant speeds and leaving a large and constant following distance rather than rubber banding, slower drivers are staying left and faster staying right, people head checking and indicating properly and people in general being very curtious and aware of other drivers. Coming into Brisbane I witnessed something quite amazing. In a 110km/hr zone and mostly 4 lanes the majority of the traffic were doing speeds between 120km/hr and 140km/hr perfectly spaced out, with each lane right being the progressive speed difference. You didn't have someone in the far right doing 80 and you didn't have someone in the far left doing 140, each lane was a line of drivers doing a constant speed. The flow of traffic was fantastic and the overall safety of it was very high, higher than the majority of times I have seen groups of cars traveling at or under the speed limit and many multiples safer than most wet weather driving I have seen. Rather than focusing on speeding the focus should be on good driving practice and overall driving ability. While not a definitive example by any means, in the period from getting my P plates to 5 years down the road my step mother (30+ years driving) who bragged about her driving ability due to living in Canada and apparently being a gun on the ice and having great car control wrote off two vehicles in single vehicle crashes and had several minor bumps. She didn't recieve a speeding ticket during this period and was extremely careful about not exceeding the speed limit. At 17 I was in a V8 coupe, the most powerful vehicle at my highschool and to this day have never crashed or written off a car let alone come close, yet at my school in a year of ~60 people over 15 people wrote off cars by their 18th birthday and more than 40 (inc the previous 15) had crashed. I know people who haven't recieved a single speeding fine that have written off at least one vehicle with them at fault. I am not suggesting I am an amazing driver, because I'm not and I still have much to learn but if myself, at a driving level I am not happy with and wish to improve is better than the majority of drivers I shudder. Every example that I have seen first hand and in statistical numbers demonstrates to me that speeding is simply not the issue and actually quite low on the list. It is infact a significant lack of driver ability and good driving practice that needs to be targeted.
  5. Front pipe/Dump Pipe for S15?

    There is lots, use the handy search feature and google. I just did a search via google and came up with quite a bit of info including what spring rates people are suggesting for the street to keep them comfortable and it even brought up several threads from nissansilvia.com. Look at it this way, any question you may have, someone else has probably asked it and had it answered. There is very little information that hasn't already been covered or posted online. You must master the search function before you will be granted level 2 access to the automotive world.
  6. Front pipe/Dump Pipe for S15?

    At least a brick wall has the decency to stay quiet and never speak again. It doesn't ask a question then when given answers by many go off on tangents 'educating' others about something they know nothing about haha.
  7. Front pipe/Dump Pipe for S15?

    Fark me. This kid has watched far too much Wangan Midnight. What is VCT? It's VTC and it isn't Nissan's version of Honda's VTEC. VTC simply changes the cam timing on the intake cam only, Neo VVL is the Nissan 'equivalent' of VTEC. Do the RMA8's even come with an external res? External res serves no purpose on street driven cars and Silkroad are far from the best coilovers you can get. Knowing the res size by itself will tell you nothing about anything. I suggest you first learn how shocks and springs work together and appropriate valving to suit intended purpose. Given that you think people call eachother "chumpppp" and "fagboy" then mash gears down the road you are obviously trolling or just completely ignorant of reality. Go away and grow up before posting again.
  8. Front pipe/Dump Pipe for S15?

    He is very special, very special indeed. I quite enjoy his 'informed' numbers that are all completely wrong, but you know, he is the owner of the JUN S15 lololololol.
  9. Dude.. it's not just about the diameter of the rim, it is also combination of ride height, wheel width and offset and tire choice. There is no reason a well selected wheel will hit the guards. If your wheels were scrubbing on the WRX then either the wheel/tire choice was wrong or your car was too low. There are a billion threads on wheel fitment. Head over to s15oc and check the massive thread on wheel fitment which includes pictures of how they fit and the specs of the wheels and tires on the car. My advice is to stick to max of 18's, bigger just = more weight and worse ride with no benefit. If big shiney wheels is what you want then perhaps you have the wrong car.
  10. The height of the tire is a result of both the width and profile. To keep the same rolling diameter you have to go a lower profile the wider the tire. So a 45 profile and a 40 profile can have the same rolling diameter (and thus look) if the 40 profile is a wider tire. I am unsure why you are fixated on the profile. It's not hard to Google S15 17" *insert rim model here* or browse the huge number of images on this forum.
  11. Who is the manufacturer, any internal pictures and weld pictures of an actual (not promo) product?
  12. Eminem

    Recovery is actually not too bad and this is coming from someone who doesn't really like rap, it as a whole isn't great but it definitely has some good tracks and better lyrics than usual for eminem.
  13. Hey guys, I was put onto this old spice ad by a friend and thought I would share it. Some might not find it funny but for a reason unknown to me it cracks me up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owGykVbfgUE&playnext_from=TL&videos=1_dmItgpFDQ I'm on a horse.
  14. Limiting the audio output level on your PC

    I thought usually better headphones were slightly quieter due to higher impeadance thus less electricity ends up making sound. Anyways on XP at least there is no dynamic leveling option, I don't know about vista/win7 as I don't have them. I would say your best bet is to go into control panel and open up your sound settings and put a maximum limit on audio volume so when program/device volume is maxxed out it is not above what you are able to handle. That way you will never randomly get a overcompressed song that kills your ears of go from watching a quiet dvd to starting up a crazy loud game. Its no ideal but it is about the only thing I can think of. As mentioned by Jimmy some programs have sound normalising options, check for these but they will obviously only work for audio from within the program and not work between programs. Yeah Jimmy afaik no one has done a system wide normaliser which seems kinda stupid, pretty much any decent tv has it these days and its a god send. Go from someone watching a quiet dvd the night before then turn it on and change it to a console or tv and you were in for a shock on older tv's.