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  1. Tint-a-car @ Commercial Rd Salisbury did a great job on the Falcon. $400. No bubbles or imperfections. Edges were cut near on perfect. That windscreen place across from Hungry Jacks on Main North Rd (Enfield?) do a terrible job. Definitely NOT recommended.
  2. Zero Traction dvd

    I've got a copy of vol 2 sitting here... What's it worth to ya ?
  3. PS3 Problems

    She's f**ked mate. Hope you backed up all your saved games otherwise you have lost everything lol. Been there before. Quiet frustrating. Do you have any warranty left ?

    ^^^^^^ LOL This may be a repost. It's fairly old. Skip to about 1:55 for the interesting stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej9MkCSg59w
  5. pothole damage

    The pot holes are due to the amount of rain we have had. Don't ask me how or why. But that is the cause of it. Plain old bad luck.
  6. I signed up. By doing so, I got Little Big Planet (full version), Destruction Derby, and Field Runners for free. You can also get Wipeout HD for free and a couple others. Plus you get discounts on store items as they get released. Mines almost paid for itself already lol.
  7. You're probably thinking of the e-Games convention in Melbourne. E3 is in America or something, and they show you everything that is coming out.
  8. Apprenticeships

    I finished year 12, and then started an apprenticeship. During my apprenticeship, I was paid more for completing year 12.
  9. Hardcore is all I used to play in the previous two COD's. The new one is just terrible for hardcore.
  10. Hardcore sucks. MASSIVE camp fest.
  11. Red Dead Redemption PS3 & 360

    Got mine from Game today. I pre-ordered and got the bonus golden guns. Plus they price matched Big W for like $83
  12. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    Level 48 first prestige. 3 days played. About to jump on again and make the most of the double xp.
  13. Yeah you can, I used a Logitech USB headphone/mic before I got my PS3 one.
  14. Second hand 40gb ps3 is about 350 at eb games. you can buy a second hand 60 for around 500 at eb too.