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  1. brakes

    In addition to dissipating heat better, 32GTR calipers are also lighter. If you want to upgrade calipers without going Brembo, they're the best bet.
  2. WTAC 2012 - Live Timing & Chat

    Very cool Andrew! Shame about the SXD S15, but awesome for you!
  3. S14 hard to get into 2nd gear

    I have a similar issue, except on downshifts. 3rd to 2nd is lots of crunching and resistance. 2nd to 1st just as bad. Suggestions?
  4. Ditto. The market is craving a decent fitting enclosed stock-looking airbox that will allow a pod to be installed (and be compatible with a Z32 AFM). Get onto it Greg
  5. Saw this car in the flesh the other day. Even half-assembled, it looks incredible.
  6. Super13 - IDA Wakefield Slide Videos Page 28

    Tough. Nice work mate Still very jealous of your workshop/factory/play room
  7. Hey guys

    Ahh, ok then.. You should have followed your parents; you'd be heaps cooler if you were a Dragons supporter! lol
  8. Hey guys

    Dragons supporter??
  9. JDM Wrecks/Accidents OFFICIAL THREAD

    Farout that's a serious break!!
  10. SXDevelopments 180SX (SXD180) - CNC Shiny stuff

    That's an epic time from Matt!
  11. JDM Wrecks/Accidents OFFICIAL THREAD

    Neither airbag deployed in the big side-impact my S15 was in (pics on previous page)
  12. JDM Wrecks/Accidents OFFICIAL THREAD

    Being a Spec R with a sunroof didn't help - the roof just folded up like a tin can. I'm sure that a non-sunroof would have held up a bit better, but yeah both extremely lucky, esp with where the impact of the pole was - there was wood splinters in the back of the seat - a few more inches and i doubt my gf would have come out of it alive.
  13. What boost controller you running?
  14. JDM Wrecks/Accidents OFFICIAL THREAD

    ^ haha, yeh apart from the obvious damage, everything else was stripped off and sold off to eleventy billion different ppl from forums. If I had known that a few years later i'd get a 180, i woulda kept half the shit in my shed!!