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  1. Ae102r corolla Mods

    Yeah sounds good what about body mods though like body kits ? And I was thinking and sr20 turbo'd
  2. Ae102r corolla Mods

    True that but it's for my little bro haha he wants to do he's up
  3. Hey guys I've been looking for While and can't seen to find anywhere that's dose mods for. And ar102r corolla that's. 94 model. Any idea would be great
  4. Yeah I do i think I'll just have a look around and find one I like an work it thanks everyone for the help !
  5. Yeah I was think a silvia or skyline being a mechanic Ill be able to work it how I want but being on my greens it makes things hard so wood it be worth buying one and just working the shit outa it till I get my blacks 2 years from now ?
  6. Thanks guys don't worry I had a look at it again this avro I agree with u its not worth it I'd rather just keep driving my corolla way cheaper too
  7. Just looking for somewhere that will sell body kits and parts for a ae 102r (94 corolla ) but can't seem to find anywhere any ideas cheers
  8. I'm looking at buying a a 1995 FtO for 2500 with 224000 Kms on it just wantin some info an your opinions abou buying one ? Thanks