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    i thought they were crap I got a rufund once I lined it up to stock and the speeds didn't match up properly.. dodgy crud if you ask me.. but if you like it mate.. go for it.. I just wanted to accuratly know how fast I was driving. and coloured bulbs are cheaper
  2. RC Drifters

    I agree... get some different tyres
  3. post in for sale section..........
  4. hey Rob... I've been waiting for you to get around to making these... I'm keen..
  5. what do i do

    deny it all until there is proof...
  6. heat shield

    just cut the stoccko...
  7. N1 distribution

    the owner did a runner with all the cash and went overseas.. left the guys there to deal with it all and never came back..
  8. plumb back BOV's

    I would also like to know this..
  9. yeah, bogun style... cut the stocko and turn in a thread if needed.. only cost is time.
  10. yeah but for security reasons man... NEVER have a nissan key chain or anything that relates to the type of car.. incase you loose you keys or something like that.. remember only you know which car it'll open.. unless they are slose enough to deactivate the alarm//. bit paranoid but hey.. FACT "but yes very, very nice stocko key.. " (and I'll ad an after market key to list of mods)
  11. do they actually work tho ... would you notice a differnce in the opperating temps.?
  12. fabric inserts

    you cannot do that on an S13/180sx as the fabris is moulded to the vinyl door panel.... you need to run a sharp knife all the way alone the outlind of the fabric to break the seal and then peal off the trim.... it is the ONLY way it can be done... it must be different on an R34
  13. fabric inserts

    I did it in black valvet.....lol.... use some spray adheisive but make sure i's not the el cheapo kinda crud... and pay about $15 for a spray car.. use a shit load on both side wait a minute or two till slightly tacky and then join together.. (you need to hold them firmly for a while)//
  14. I have heard of this in an old post.... but do a search you may find something..