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  1. Bosch z32 AFM

    All sold. Please delete. Thanks
  2. Bosch z32 AFM

    For sale genuine Bosch z32 AFM . Never been used. Pick up only. Smithfield NSW. Pics available. Pm me. Price: $250 Also available JECS 555cc. $220 pics also available.
  3. S15 space saver

    Hi guys, i want to buy S15 space saver. Anyone have them lying around. Please pm me. NSW liverpool area. Thanks.
  4. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted a nice looking Blue s15 at Blacktown with a green P plate and a pink s14 in the same parking lot area.
  5. Bulb types for S13 Silvia?

    Sweet, are all the bulbs in the taillights the same type, just different colour? Hey, To be safe just do what i did. I took all the bulbs from the Right tail light. just make sure you remember which one is the break light, the signal light and the reverse light. Lol i think they are different in size. Ps. All the bulbs are white in my tail light unless you have a clear tail lights?
  6. Nismo S-Tune style S15

    It looks awesome!
  7. Bulb types for S13 Silvia?

    Hey, I once bought bulbs for my tail lights, i just took the bulb out and brought it to the local auto store and they have the bulb.
  8. Best GoKarting place in Sydney?

    Eastern Creek is pretty good
  9. Your latest mod? Whats new?

    I got a disco potato
  10. They have a quick customer service. Bought wheels off Ben and he will call you straight up when your order has arrived. He also helped me choose what rim size would fit my car.
  11. Where do I get clutches?!

    +1 hehe I bought my clutch there.
  12. Have you tried looking at your turbo gasket? I had mine replaced cos the mechanic said that my turbo gasket was gone that's why I hear the ticking noise/diesel engine noise. Now the only sound I hear was from my injectors.
  13. When I bought my type x 4yrs ago it came with a clear tail lights. Then I bought an oem for $200 pair from one of the users in this forum. The clear ones are ugly lol. Have you tried posting wtb?