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  1. Japanese Drift Stickers - $10

    Price : $10 Condition : New Very rare very hard to find sticker from Tsukuba, Japan. KILLER Number 1 Tsukuba City Route 125 180mm Wide $10 limited availability Max 5 per person
  2. Photographers making money!

    If you go the wedding route you have to be 200% comitted. You're dealing with people special days you have a huge responsibility to take great photos and make sure you don't loose them or have a equipment failure. Another avenue not mentioned is commercial photography. Tons of brands need photographers just like they need graphic designers etc. Contact every Advertising, Media and PR Agency you can find. They like to have photographers on hand to do a shoot for a media call etc on short notice.
  3. http://www.speedcafe.com/2011/06/06/ken-block-confirms-calder-park-gymkhana/
  4. Toyota FT-86 concept headed to Toookyo

    http://www.7tune.com/ft-86-up-close-and-personal/ more pics, more details
  5. Adelaide fire

    I cant believe they had some official on the news telling everyone not to worry because they have tested the smoke and its NON TOXIC.. my ass
  6. WARNING - car almost stolen

    So your car almost gets stolen, the next day you post it online with instructions on what to do to start it?
  7. Drift Stickers -

    $128 for all 16 ill include express post! Steve
  8. Drift Stickers -

    NS.COM Special $8 Each + Shipping driftstickers.com
  9. Driving lights and Fog lights

    fog lights are bad.. but I dont understand why driving with your lights on in the day time is bad?

    You're geting ripped, I pay $50/ Month at fitness first.. Dont get the Passport one that give you access to all the gym's you will never use them.
  11. R35 GTR's

    RIP 911 are probably the best plates ive heard on a R35 Yea, but there are a few problems with that.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgQbrd1J_jg
  12. R35 GTR's

    launch control shaves like .02 of your 0 - 100 times.. the car is fast enough with out using it.