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  1. Japanese Drift Stickers - $10

    Price : $10 Condition : New Very rare very hard to find sticker from Tsukuba, Japan. KILLER Number 1 Tsukuba City Route 125 180mm Wide $10 limited availability Max 5 per person
  2. Photographers making money!

    If you go the wedding route you have to be 200% comitted. You're dealing with people special days you have a huge responsibility to take great photos and make sure you don't loose them or have a equipment failure. Another avenue not mentioned is commercial photography. Tons of brands need photographers just like they need graphic designers etc. Contact every Advertising, Media and PR Agency you can find. They like to have photographers on hand to do a shoot for a media call etc on short notice.
  3. http://www.speedcafe.com/2011/06/06/ken-block-confirms-calder-park-gymkhana/
  4. Drift Stickers

    Click here to and use the discount code "NIGHTZONE" to get 20% off all purchases at Driftstickers.com
  5. Elderly Drivers - Magnets $10 Stickers $8 Learner Drivers - Magnets $10 Stickers $8 Large Learner Drivers - 1x Magnet 1x Window hanger $17 (2 only) 2x Magnet $15 (2 only) Safety Bear AKA Pedobear - $12 ***SOLD OUT pending payment*** Small Safety Bear AKA Pedobear - $7 (2 only) JDM Poop - $7 (1 only) Long Safety Bear AKA Pedobear - $7 (5 only) Long Safety Bear AKA Pedobear - $7 (5 only) DRIFT CLUB STICKERS $10 each Free overnight express post for orders over $30 240x60mm Classic Night Trip sticker.. finally able to get this one again!! Cut out, white vinyl very limited stock (my personal favorite) 240x55mm Small text says tokyo bay side area. 205x50mm Translation: dont close to tokyo bay (relates to above sticker, Tokyo Bay Drift Club) 210x50mm 245x55mm 205x60mm Translation: paint sheet metal,fix broken car, change something for ur car, pro skills ,etc Dream Room is a little paint shop, they fix drift cars etc. 200x60mm Related to the above 205x60mm 200x60mm Ka Bu Ki Momo - OG Drifter from Tokyo 205x55mm 150x75mm 235x65mm 200x60mm 205x70mm Translation: Roar of slide car, West Japan. 205x60mm 205x60mm 205x70mm 210x70mm 205x60mm 200x60mm We accept paypal or direct deposit. Postage $5 Via registered post.
  6. Streeters S13

    Long time readers may remember Jesse Streeter from our Industrial Strength Domesticarticle we ran back in July 2007. Well he’s back and the car is still around albeit in slightly more abused condition! Actually it’s pretty surprising the car is only slightly worse for wear even after its most recent crash at Meihan Sports Land a little over a week ago. Full Article and Gallery http://www.7tune.com/damage-control/
  7. This thread is for you to post random pics that you have taken around the place.. So whip out your picture phones and start snapping, and learn to upload **NOTE** this isnt for posting photshopped pics, there is a forum for that Some kewl shit i found in my car when i got it. Thread cleaned - 08/04/09 In case anyone is wondering... *Thread Cleaned - All dead links/pictures removed. - All insignificant 'chat' removed. - All REPOSTS removed. Try to keep chatter to a minimum. Do not quote a picture unless you have a picture reply.
  8. Toyota FT-86 concept headed to Toookyo

    http://www.7tune.com/ft-86-up-close-and-personal/ more pics, more details
  9. Adelaide fire

    I cant believe they had some official on the news telling everyone not to worry because they have tested the smoke and its NON TOXIC.. my ass
  10. WARNING - car almost stolen

    So your car almost gets stolen, the next day you post it online with instructions on what to do to start it?
  11. Drift Stickers -

    NS.COM Special $8 Each + Shipping driftstickers.com
  12. Drift Stickers -

    $128 for all 16 ill include express post! Steve
  13. Driving lights and Fog lights

    fog lights are bad.. but I dont understand why driving with your lights on in the day time is bad?

    You're geting ripped, I pay $50/ Month at fitness first.. Dont get the Passport one that give you access to all the gym's you will never use them.
  15. R35 GTR's

    RIP 911 are probably the best plates ive heard on a R35 Yea, but there are a few problems with that.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgQbrd1J_jg
  16. R35 GTR's

    launch control shaves like .02 of your 0 - 100 times.. the car is fast enough with out using it.
  17. We've decided to push this event back 1 month to Chase some better weather. We're now looking to hold the Cruise and Main event on the 4th and 5th of JULY You can still register your spot on the website www.importswapmeet.com.au
  18. R35 GTR's

    Main North Nissan is the SA dealer.. It's a requirement that all Nissan Dealerships have 1 GT-R for test driving.. so go up and go for a drive, just try and sound legit!
  19. Advertiser poll/ Crushing car article

    Starting to think these were the only cars ever to be crushed..

    New to this forum? Make sure you read the thread that started it all.. Chances are alot of your questions have already been answered. YES is a massive thread but there is an absolute wealth of info in there from some very experienced bodybuilders. m&m's weight training & diet thread: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/mandman...ad-t161057.html

    correctorino... went to his hosue yes, met face to face, etc etc but like i said memory is shite and couldnt find theh ouse again, rekon i found it tonight tho and left a note on door as no ones home, so hopefully thatll work out... otherwise ill just keep door knocking every day agreed i def should have gotten a receipt and a stronger contact detail.... used ot have email from him on here but for sum reaon ns has been playing up and wont let me get to my inbox to c if its still there..... so know one knows the guy?? not sure whther to out with the adress, prob dont need to, youll know if you know him.... How did you find the item for sale originally?

    Squats on an exercise ball http://www.break.com/index/crazy-exercise-ball-trick.html