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  1. Leaking fuel cradle S13

    I'll have to look that up, but theres a breather pipe just to the side of the cradle, its in a real tight spot to try and remove but i could give it a shot
  2. Hi guys, my fuel tank seems to be pressure flowing around the entry of the fuel cradle on the tank came to you a while ago about the same problem and you mentioned changing the seal. i did that and it temporarily fixed it it started again a few months back and only now have I had the time to get at it again, i changed the seal this morning but it is still flowing. I did a quick experiment and undid the fuel cap a little, the flow stopped immediately. Is this an indicator of a muffed up fuel cap? or a blocked breather? someone mentioned the carbon canister before but i could see no fault in it when i inspected it as always any help is much appreciated cheers
  3. Hi people, seems I only come here to look at peoples stuff cooler than mine and to ask for advice about how to fix my dodgy bastard haha Anyway, my Silvia has been making a weird noise on spool up for a little while now. It makes a large whoosh noise, very different to the turbo whistle it used to have. My theory so far is a bent fin? Can anyone give me some help or advice to look for something. It is still making full boost with no leaks or bleeds on boost. Thanks in advance!
  4. s13 power loss issue?

    does it feel like its leaning out at all? dirty afm was a killer on mine
  5. S13 Fuel tank seal leak

    alright sweet as thanks a bunch, yeah had the taarks page open ready to order was just wondering if the goo would be a better sealant. cheers
  6. Hi all, havent been here in a while but i thought my car had been running fine until i found this hahah Around the mounting plate in the top of the fuel tank fro the pump cradle, a fair amount of fuel has started to leak out. Now it looks like its pressure flow which is confusing as I was told the tank should be a non-pressurized system. I was told my carbon canister might be missing a vac line or my breather line might have a blockage. Two things then, 1. Is proper silicon gasket goo (petrol resistant) alright to use to re-seal the cradle? and 2. Would it be one of the two things mentioned above causing pressurization? And where is the carbon canister so I can easily check the vac lines??...I can see the breather line but it wraps the body tightly so I'm guessing it will be a bitch to check...unless it ends somewhere accessible Thanks so much as always for any reply!
  7. I was going through that rare options thread the other day and noticed a few I have (floor mats, OEM turbo timer) and after finding a disconnected vacuum line that was sapping all my boost I found something that im not too sure of, its a little green module with a twist-able knob on it. just wondering if there was an option of a mechanical boost controller? or something along those lines i can get a photo if this is the case. but yeah just wondering
  8. this was imported like...8 years ago by another bloke. pretty sure its out of gas, AC stopped working about a month ago then the noise started shortly after its not a screech so much as a lumpy/shot bearing noise from the compressor. cheers for all the responses!
  9. Hey people (s13 redtop) my compressor wheel has been making an awful screech and at the time being I don't have the tools/setup to remove it. If I remove the belt will it have any detrimental effect? other than just being dead weight? thanks
  10. Chronic Misfiring

    Thanks man!! Ill try and find someone in the area with some redtop coils then!
  11. Chronic Misfiring

    unfortunately my powerFC didnt come with a handcontroller, and havent had a chance to fit a wideband yet Whats the thinking with the water temp sensor? could be faulting and saying to the ecu to shut down? bit more info on the misfiring (info was thin when i posted this due to waking up at 4:30am) this misfire happens whenever there is boost, as soon as the manifold has anything over 0psi it starts spitting. this only happens after a period of warm up, ie its fine on cold startup for about 20 minutes and then starts misfring. rev range can climb normally if no boost is making it into the manifold. I have a few questions for you (everyone)... could it be a faulty coilpack that when it heats up it has inferior spark? what sends the charge to the coilpacks? is it a common problem for it to conk out? it really feels like a charge problem if anything I have done a fair bit of work cleaning and revamping the fuel system previously once again thankyou for all responses!!
  12. Chronic Misfiring

    pick up was clean on last inspection which was around the same time as the fuel filter but yeah very well could be some more shit passing through. thanks man il have a squiz asap do you replace the o ring from the harness every time or just squish it back into place?
  13. Chronic Misfiring

    Sorry, 255 walbro haha, been a long day we inspected the coil packs seemed that there was no burnt out or worn bits but it could be internal fuel filter was changed roughly 3 months ago, but due to previous owner has to be changed frequently (tank of mud in previous life)
  14. More troubleshooting, any help is very appreciated! I started noticing, even though it is very f*cking obvious, a steady misfire in my engine. It seems to happen after a while of driving, its fine while warming up and a period after being warm but it seems to get to a very shitty point. Spark plugs were changed today with correct gap, and the misfire persists. Fuel is being supplied by a walboro 044 pump, stock everything else apart from ECU which is a apexi power FC. I have a large suspicion that it may be a dodgy batch of fuel, its carried on for three tanks though but two refills seem to be the culprits. Would water in the fuel cause it to be this persistent? It seems the only time I use the forums is to solve problems, because that's only it really, just problem after problem for me hahaha Thankyou anyone for your responses.
  15. yeah thinking that too, gonna give it a good clean tomorrow to see if it improves, may tape it to tighten the connection also