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  1. Okay so this weekend I was able to remove the IACV and clean it out thoroughly using a carb cleaner and for a while it was fine. I gave it some more "spirited driving" and it started happening again, this time, when I start up my car I had to rev it to prevent it from dying (something that didnt happen before) But luckily my friend came over and (you'll have to forgive my lack of specificity) but he showed me that to the left of my plenum were two plugs, he unplugged the top one, unscrewed the black valve, cleaned it out, and held his finger over the hole while i started my car and told me to keep revving. After that we turned the car off, and he screwed the plug back in a little bit, told me to rev some more, and only after we more revving and turning the screw looser or tighter did we plug the top back in. and my idle issues haven't happened since... I'll try to take pictures of what "plugs" i'm talking about, again sorry for the lack of technical terms. Thanks again for everyones help. and hope this forum will help others
  2. Thanks for everyones input, I'll work on removing the entire unit today (finally its the weekend). Hopefully just a lot of cleaning will fix it. thanks again!
  3. Okay so I'm gonna try to check my TPS and also my O2 sensor. Hopefully its just a little cleaning. Drift competition this Sunday here in Japan that I don't wanna miss >.< Thanks again guys/girls
  4. Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to get my coils tested and post the results. My rpm dropping issues only occur when I'm stopped, and they are most severe after driving fast. If I were to drive normally, it drops, but not dangerously low to kill the power. But lets say if I were to over take someone and speed past him, the next red light my car would drop its RPM and make my car shudder as if it were going to shut off. Thanks again for the help.
  5. Hello, Hope I'm putting this post in the right section. I tried searching for idle issues in the forums, but the ones posted seemed different from mine and was wondering if you guys could help. Thanks in advance... When I start my 97 180sx SR20DE in the morning, it idles perfectly fine while I let it warm up. However during the afternoon or even after "spirited driving" when I am at a stop sign or light and just in neutral, my RPM will drop and then raise again and drop and then raise again. I just changed the spark plugs to iridium NGK hoping that would fix my idling issues, but so far its still there. I also tried unscrewing what I was told was the "AAC valve" (a screw under the plenum) and spraying it with some carb cleaner. It seemed to work for a bit, but later on it comes back. On the way to work I was driving pretty fast and for the first time ever my RPM when in idle dropped dangerously close to shutting my car off. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks
  6. n/a TALK <<

    Yeah you're definitely right. Japan sells their cars pretty cheap just cuz its such a small island where cars are bought and sold frequently And I actually got the car + JCI inspection (some super strict japanese inspection) for $4,500 I was lucky enough to sell my Celica for $3,500, and bought this N/A from a friend. he was nice to provide me with rims, suspension, exhaust, HIDs, and dual din DVD player. Yay for friends
  7. n/a TALK <<

    Oh for real? I didn't know that lol. Maybe when I get the opportunity I'll try out a turbo. At the moment i'm enjoying my N/A though. Just bolted on some headers that I picked up and it REALLY opens up now. plus she's louder. I throw my clutch in whenever a cop passes just to kill the noise a little lol.
  8. n/a TALK <<

    very nice, what made you want to drive n/a and not turbo? Thanks! and in all honesty im still pretty new to the car scene, and I need a reliable car here in Japan. I was told a turbo = more moving parts (therefore more chance of something going wrong). So I decided while i'm still learning the ropes about how engines work, start off with N/A, then maybe later if I feel up to it, check out what a turbo feels like.
  9. n/a TALK <<

    Whats up guys? Here is my N/A that I'm rolling in around town in Japan So far just cold air intake, Kakimoto exhaust, TIEN fully adjustable suspension and thats about it. Hoping to get my hands on a set of headers this weekend though.
  10. New 180sx owner looking to learn the ropes

    Thanks for the welcome and I'm diving through these forums and enjoying everybit of it! Thanks!
  11. What up? I just recently purchased a 180sx SR20DE, and man...I am loving it. Its only ever had one owner and I hope to bring it back to the US with me whenever I go back. I'd like to learn anything and everything I can that you guys are willing to teach. From the basic proper maintenance to the out of the way hardcore modification. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.