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  1. My Plan To Fix Australia

    This is one of the funniest things ive read lol
  2. I take it you already knew that the regs for registering parties in the SA state elections had changed to cut-off date 6 months before the election? No? Well now you understand why. As mentioned, everyone was up to their eyeballs getting ready for the federal election, then swamped when Ricky Muir actually won a seat. If we hadn't done some searching this week, we would have missed it all together, and missed a golden opportunity to actually make some decent changes in SA, where we desperately need them. Why would i know that? Im not associated with politics what so ever or how elections are run.
  3. The federal cutoff was something like 1.5 to 2 months, so assumption (the mother of all screwups) bit us.... We're definitely legit, don't worry Just a bit short on time Everyone associated with the party is working on this whilst still having full time jobs as there's no funding for permanent admin people. Kristian is working on this submittal right now with the AMEP guys in QLD and is making a lot of personal sacrifices with his kids and family to make this happen, as are quite a few other party members. We absolutely cannot make this happen without you guys though, so please get on board. The state election is the only chance for another four years that we have of fixing anything in SA and if we don't make this 200 member cutoff, we're out of the state race. Cheers for the good response and not just having a go at my comment. I wasnt meaning to come of as an asshole, sorry if that was the case. Good luck with seeing this through, i will spread the word.
  4. Sorry for sounding negative but how could you not have know when the cut off date was? If you guys were legit im certain you would have had all this info a lot sooner. Good luck getting your signatures and cash by Friday.
  5. Will be voting shooters and fishers first followed by these guys.
  6. what are you playing?

    Currently playing Bioshock 1 with a mate, Dragonball: Revenge of King Piccolo and Dragonball Z Boduki Tenkaichi 3
  7. Hardtuned.net Feedback thread

    I agree the user base compared to what it used to be is no existant. All the "improvements" to the site (adding new areas, hardtuned network etc) ruined it. Its trying to be too hardcore and it has turned everyone away. I used to be able to view the site all day and still not catch up on it all now id be lucky to spend 5 mins a day on it since the content and fun has gone.
  8. things that annoy you

    You do know what a baby boomer is yeah cause it sounds like you dont? Is she over the age of 50? Technically anybody who has a kid purely for the incentive of getting the baby bonus, is a baby boomer. The Baby boomer generation is the first generation to be a product of this scheme that was introduced post WW2 but we now have a new generation of baby boomers who are getting the latest bonus. I don't actually think that's the technical term for it chappy. It might be the "word on the street" Baby Boomers will always refer to the post WW2 babies. It just keeps sounding wrong when you say baby boomers pumping out kids, because I can't think of any grandma that wants to have any more kids. ^^^ Correct baby boomers are post WW2 kids. :lol: at it being " on the street " meaning, kids these days have no idea.
  9. United Australian Party

    I'd rather lob off my balls so I don't have to bring up children in a world where people like Clive Palmer, Bob Katter, etc get into politics... What did John Howard do??? Sit back in his comfy chair and watch the mining sector do all the work... while the economy was growing to the unrealistic point to which a blind person could have seen that the shit was about to hit the fan he did not have the slightest thought that it can perhaps be profitable to marginally increase taxes on mining companies for the purposes of infrastructure projects, etc. Instead we are riding on a deficit that he in no way prepared for... I find it laughable that the LNP can actually lecture the current government about economic management While he was in power he created: some of the most oppressive migration laws in the western world, created anti terror legislation that practically takes away everything but your right to life without even the need to have reasonable proof, never even considered ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, demolished most peoples rights to be a member of a workers union, introduced oppressive industrial relations laws the list goes on and on and on... The Howard Government was terrible... All governments in recent years have been terrible... only good thing John Howard probably did was introducing gun control law... I have to strongly disagree with your last point, how exactly was it such a good thing? You complain that he took away your freedoms but then applaud when he took away shooters freedoms. Seem hypocritical to me.
  10. things that annoy you

    You do know what a baby boomer is yeah cause it sounds like you dont? Is she over the age of 50?
  11. things that annoy you

    Where in Thailand are you? We were drinking as soon as we woke up. We would go down to the deli down the road and buy those big cans of heinikens to start the day off. Definately no 5pm wait for drinks lol The other 2 i agree with plus the bad smell
  12. When i lived at home i paid $50 a week once i started working. That included everything, food, bills, washing, cooking, internet, garage space lol but that was a really good deal. If i had to pay 20-30% of my wage i would have moved out a lot sooner. When my kids are older they will get the same as i got.
  13. As far as far as answering the question. Does the whole E=mc2 equation come into play when trying to reach the speed of light and show that we can never achieve it?
  14. That DOES NOT invalidate your vote - it makes it go to the people currently in power. So you're a right twit. I call bullshit on this. I have never once seen any evidence to say that doing nothing or drawing anything on a ballot paper makes the vote go for the party in power.