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  1. Okay, need some opinions on this one.. So i've just dropped a type X SR20DE motor into my S13 sil, it came with a loom and I purchased an ecu separately (fingers crossed it's actually a type X ecu like it said it would be) So i've ofcourse found that not all the plugs match perfectly and i may have some extras (for the headlights perhaps?) But i've found one that doesn't fit at all and i believe you'd agree with me in saying it's probably important... The plug that connects the engine loom to what i think is the body loom? or interior? (not sure what you call it) but the white plug just next to the blue ecu plug. So. I just want to clear up if it would be easier to purchase a silvia engine loom or. Attempt to splice the loom with plugs that actually fit. (which will be my next question) Because the type X engine loom has 13 wires and my silvia only has 12. also not all the colours match up perfectly (from memory the type X loom has 3 black wires, and the silvia has 3 green?) i've got some pictures here, they weren't taken by me so they may not show everything intended too. But yeah, opinions, advice would be great even wiring diagrams? Cheers.