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  1. How can we make drift more eco friendly (Please Read)

    Methanol is eco-friendly Renewable to, not like petrol.
  2. "Cairns Studium Drift"

    I made a new thread regarding this event Dan from ADD is coming with his Skyvia Ute and Josh Young in his 86. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=326750
  3. Where: Cairns International Speedway, Edmonton (Cairns). When: Sunday, 21st September 2008. Cost: Spectators - $15 Entrant - $110 (includes yourself, your car + 1 crew) More Details: This event will be a DRIFT SCHOOL followed by a DRIFT COMPETITION. Two of the top STADIUM DRIFT drivers will be attending to assist and give all participators tips and constructive criticisms to help you learn the art of drifting. Gates will open from 8AM to participants of DRIFT SCHOOL / COMPETITION. All participants must be in the gates by 9AM ready for scutineering. Gates will open from 12 Midday to spectators. Drift competition will run from 1PM until 4PM. Please also take note this event will be run on a first pay first in basis. Contact details Ian (RACELINE); Ph: (07) 55 378 255 Mob: 0417 620 792 Fax: 07 55 372 781 E-Mail: racelinepromo@yahoo.com Matt: (QLDStreetScene.com) Ph: 0407 168 292 E-Mail: matt@qldstreetscene.com
  4. Strange oil issue

    Been in there for years. Wouldn't say often, but I do take it to the track and give it a hard time. I'm not shy! As stated in above post the old T25G leaked out the exhaust side and was replaced with the GT28RS 0.86 brand new from HPIAB.
  5. Strange oil issue

    As above.... I run a MAP sensor so no AFM. Going ok so far...... Even took it out for a drift meeting last month and ran quite well.....
  6. bodykits

    Know how you feel.... when I got my car it had standard suspension and the kit was stupid low.... I put on a new kit and dropped it on its guts and have more clearance than before. Higher, but lower....
  7. Silencer effects performance A LOT.... only have to look at the restriction it creates. Makes it quiet, but kills performance.... and look gay to. Get a good muffler if it's loud. Cheap mufflers are never going to work good. Paid $450 for my Varex and as stated in above post worth every cent.
  8. I have a Varex.... worth every cent. Quiet as stock and 3" performance in one. EVC blocks the exhaust to quieten it.... Varex similar idea but good mufflers to keep it quiet or straight through avoiding the muffler. Better idea.
  9. My SR with a GT28RS on it and it leaned out BAD on standard wastegate (~13psi) boost. Much the same as your set up (fmic & exhaust, otherwise stock). Perhaps aging pump? Perhaps injectors old? Who cares really.... if you want to push more power reliably you need to up the fuel and it be reliably. 15yr old parts are not my idea of reliable. ECU & injectors. 555cc will cover what the GT28RS can push out, but perhaps look at 740cc anyway. Better to have extra bit if you decide to upgrade later on.
  10. Uh..... no. Kidding yourself if you think they bolt up without modifications. The guy said "fit straight in".... not "will it fit in after I cut and bend and screw things in". They are NOT direct fit. Yes, you can get them to fit. No they do not "fit straight in". Just look at the article to see for yourself. If they just went straight in you would not need a guide. I also think you'll find it is illegal to modify seat brackets or whatever garbage so if find an anal officer you could get raped for it.
  11. Best engine Setup

    Guess not for sale anymore then
  12. I did a couple turbos also. One was rear seal as you did.... gets a bit smokey. 2nd didn't die but went from CA to SR and figured stuff it got a new one at same time. That said it did have a fair bit of shaft play but it was 2nd hand piece of junk I got for free so...... Now using the GT28RS 0.86 as stated previously. Let us know how it all goes.
  13. Pressure Coming From Dipstick

    think youll find it is a one way valve. PCV valve should connect to plenum. it works in vacuum. the other rocker connection should go to catch can, then back to intake piping after the AFM. If only people knew how things worked before adding some sik hoses and a bling can. Actually I added my sik hoses and bling can (not even polished btw) because I added a 3" intake from turbo to filter.... I run a MAP sensor so there is no AFM either. And I didn't want to add a bung for the PCV breather.... so I added the sik hoses and bling can. Sorry for my mis-information but you are correct. Quick google search....... The purpose of the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system, is to take the vapors produced in the crankcase during the normal combustion process, and redirecting them into the air/fuel intake system to be burned during combustion. These vapors dilute the air/fuel mixture so they have to be carefully controlled and metered in order to not affect the performance of the engine. This is the job of the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve. At idle, when the air/fuel mixture is very critical, just a little of the vapors are allowed in to the intake system. At high speed when the mixture is less critical and the pressures in the engine are greater, more of the vapors are allowed in to the intake system. When the valve or the system is clogged, vapors will back up into the air filter housing or at worst, the excess pressure will push past seals and create engine oil leaks. If the wrong valve is used or the system has air leaks, the engine will idle rough, or at worst, engine oil will be sucked out of the engine.
  14. Also I forgot to mention this before but it's probably worth looking in to why the old ones died. Three turbos in such a short period of time. Standard, well who knows. Who cares also? Rebuilt and only 3 months? Who rebuilt it? I'd be questioning their work. Asking why it broke. Then fit another and it goes? Hmm. If it's the same problem with all three I'd be investigating that problem before spending ~$1,500 on a turbo and having it let go also.
  15. I would say not a lot as my 0.86 is fairly responsive. 3,500 give or take got full boost. How often do you drive below that when giving it a hard time? I wouldn't even bother with 0.64 personally..... but that's my view. If I had more money I'd go bigger again.