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  1. Selling a car Obligations

    What a coincidence, this guy is Indian too. I'm just taking the car back > even though I asked everyones advice on this. What he doesn't realise is I can fix the box for just around $300 (Oh wow, he said 1k) and I have another buyer who is willing to pay more for it. I know I don't have to take it back, but I don't lose anything, in fact, I guess I'm gaining actually. He doesn't even know how to do an oil change, is it just my complex brain, or is that one of the most simplest things that you can do to a car?
  2. Selling a car Obligations

    Yeah, I did however tell him all I knew that was wrong with it, his friend picked up on several things I didn't know as well, adding to the list, so he did have ample warning from both of us that the car was going to cost him a bit of money to fix it hence why I went down in price for him. I just wasn't sure. Will definately keep this in mind for the next one, although I have run out of cars I'm willing to sell and after this, I'd rather dump it at a car yard if I was going to, much less drama.
  3. Selling a car Obligations

    Okay cool, and just saying, he already got the car for $600 cheaper than what I asked. Thanks, was just needing the peace of mind that if I let it got it wouldn't come back at me. Good, thanks guys.
  4. Okay, so I was just looking for some advice on what to do here. I have just recently sold one of my cars and as much as I would like to say the Corolla was a good reliable car, suddenly it has many "issues" with it according to the new owner that have not hindered its perfomance in the entire time I owned it. He took it 'As Is', even test drove it, had a mate look over it, and bought it the day he saw it. An hour later he rang me commenting on several noises it had and since then, he has rung/ texted me a near twenty times over it. Sold it with no RWC and 6 months rego... Apparently, it needs at least a new gearbox and another $300 or so spent on it. (Need I add that it has been making this noise for well over 12 months and runs smoothly still)... Was just wondering, is there any obligation I have to take the car back? Or fix it? Or could I just block his number and ignore him without having to worry about this sale coming back to bite me on the butt later on? Would be much appreciated.
  5. Yeah, it is. And the connections to the TPS, coolent sensor, and somehow (Idk) the spring in the solenoid was gone. o..0 I'm still at a loss as to how one can lose it without ripping it to pieces and raping it.... New spark plugs, new ECU, new fuel pump and filter and done. Mind you, after the new ECU it progressed majorly because that was the biggest issue it had.
  6. New S13 owner

    Just thought I should finally say hey... Bought a '91 S13 a couple of months ago, died the second day I had it (ain't life a bitch?) Finally working again and now like a week away from having it registered and being able to finally drive the evil money sucker from hell Was recommended to join a forum so I could learn a bit more about it and hopefully will get some $$ up to make it awesome. Only ever had a Pintara and a Corolla before this, so good not to be driving an old persons car finally.
  7. How was your revving and what was it resolution? fuel pump and spark plugs? my idle randomly went up to 2000 one day and floats between 1500 and 2000 now killing my life ive changed TPS checked all plugs and leads, checked IACV, cleaned afm and tb - next on the list is coolant sensor, check for leaking injectors and dizzy, - my fuel pump is ok (pumps shit loads of fuel out) Sorry, I can't remember the revs it was doing when it was broken. But they were weak, i know that, like I would put my foot on the accelerator and the response was lagged. Also when it was driving normally it was revving way higher than normal, the complete opposite to when it was idling. Once I fixed my sensors and ECU my rev issue disappeared except when the car initially started. Mind you, I got some pretty good mates who know their way around an engine to go over it.
  8. I only just fixed the last of my issues, thought I would just add... Fuel pump >.> <.< It's always going to be something incredibly stupid. Hope your disturbuter does solve the problem though, nothing worse than a sick car.
  9. Hey, I am having a very similar problem with my S13, especially on the cold start. Maybe start be checking your ECU for fault codes so you have a place to start with. Also check that your connections to it are good and coolant temp sensor (the one for the computer) is working. Part of my problem was that my ECU was blown so your issue could be based around that. Also, just double check that all the connections to your TPS are in good condition. I found that most of my problems were due to a lack of maintenance on the previous owners part so give it a good go over, wouldn't believe how much better my rev response was when I put the right spark plugs in it and also top up your fluids just in case. Just a couple of ideas, good luck in getting in fixed.