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    1jz ftw
  2. WRX Genuine Sti Springs - Brand NEW

    hey mate you still able to get these ? im getting a 08 wrx soon and may be interested could you pm me a price sent to brissy cheers
  3. Dr Drift makes it to Coffs Harbour

    Nice write up had my black s13 there was very happy with the results its great to be able to get your car tuned with out all the bullsh%#t and being able to chat to Sam and look at everything while its being done is great once i get my ignition issues sorted think i will adding some boost and hope to see Sam again for another fine tune
  4. How much power is your CA making?

    http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...187153&st=0 has heaps of ca dyno graphs
  5. Test n Tune

    going to test n tune tonight would be nice to see some silvias out the people im going with are evo guys so need some more rwd power lol
  6. 4th spark lead popping out

    so its not actualy missfireing when it comes off then ? just the rubber insulater that covers the end of the plug..
  7. 4th spark lead popping out

    get a pair of pliers and squeeze the part of the lead that goes on the plug so its a tight fit should fix ya problem
  8. 4th spark lead popping out

    what motor ? are the leads oil damaged ?
  9. cabin heater not working

    are your heater hoses connected ? if you have had an engine conversion done they may have been lazy and looped them around ?
  10. yeah thats what the maual says and it works fine for me
  11. Trust Profec B Spec 2 Manual

    2 sec google search http://www.alamomotorsports.com/greddy/PROFEC_B_SPEC2.pdf
  12. Murcury motorsports remaps

    goto coffs when sams up soon and get it done properly. i got mine "fine" tuned at mercury.... now im going to sam to get it tuned.
  13. Black s13 ncie when clean, but concidering water restrictions and can't clean it .. looks average most the time