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  1. interested in the rear bar and pods if still available, also the interior door handle surrounds if you have both driver a passenger available.
  2. i would be interested in one of those
  3. Just returning to this thread, my problem ended up being the AFM, just cleaned it and put it back in and it idles fine now, im running a standard filter so no oil build up, cleaned it with soem CRC airflow cleaner and idles perfectly
  4. Hi Guys, Instead of starting a new topic i thought i would revive this one as my S15 is doing the same thing, Mine it totally stock except for a full exhaust, if im driving along and put the clutch in it will idle fine but if im in slow moving traffic and constatly using the brakes it seems to make the revs drop and sometimes stall when im stopping. The post below seems to point towards my brake master cylinder, is there anything else i can check? also how would i diagnose a faulty brake master cylinder? Using the aircon also seems to make it wose. In the mornings the cold start is fine, it will idle up while it is warming up and return to 800rpm once warm from then on if im trying to brake or use the power steering it seems to make the car stall
  5. Hi All, Just recently bought a S15 and though i would intorduce myself as i will most likely be spending alot of time on here looking for solutions to problems and asking for advice on modifications. At the moment she is a pretty stock 2002 Spec S GT, it has a what looks to be a Custom made mild steel full exhaust but apart from that is all stock. Plans for the net few months are: - Replace the exhaust, its too loud for my liking and has no flex join in the up pipe and has already caused the tubro gasket to start to leak, its only small but will need attention, Can anyreccomend a nice quiet exhaust and a new up pipe with a flex join in it? - Fix a slight vacuum leak, it seems to stall sometimes when coming to a stop, i have read on the forums that vacuum leaks are common, can anyone reccomend a workshop in sydney i can take it to to get looked at? Once these 2 issues are fixed ill then start looking at mods but i want to get the car 100% before i start making any changes to it. Looking forward to owning and modifying my S15, i always wanted one when i was younger, now i have finally bought one im really enjoying the car, even with those 2 minor issues
  6. Hi all, I signed up a few weeks ago and have not been able to post a reply or start new topics, initially i thought it was some kind of new member thing to stop people just posting add to sell stuff but i cant even post in the new members area or create a topic to introduce myself. Can someone check my account to see if there is somethign wrong? This seems to be the only section i can post in Thanks