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  1. Just another JDM s13

    Delayed update time.. Bay has been painted.. looks pretty good i could have done a much better job but if im going to do it again ill use an air compressor instead of spray cans and i'll fully strip the bay down rather than just move shit slightly out of the way but leave it still in the way, but anyway.. And one in the sun.. As i said.. it came out well but could have been much better.. Spent the next week putting a bunch of things back in/ swapping out of the blue s13 including: - Brake Booster/ Master + Lines - Clutch Master + Line - Front Calipers + New Discs and Pads - Fuel Pump So yeah now thats finished im back driving a turbo s13 again.. and maaan it feels good to hit boost again regardless of how little the amount is compared to other people on here.. Still got a few things i wanna do to it to make it closer to 100% for me.. This will be just a list so i dont forget anything again.. * Digital Climate control and Aircon * New bonnet (current one has holes from bonnet pins) * Respray including the rims in white (Probably the same black so i can do an easy close door respray) * new tyres for the 17" sparcos i had on the blue 13 * Either a turbo front bar and a lip or a whole kit anyway
  2. Just another JDM s13

    So i pulled the engine and the A/C lines out of the blue turd the other day and i found this I can't afford a front cut and to get a smashie to fix it and i swapped my daily commodore for another s13 a few months back that looks like this Unfortunately it was a CA18DE that was manual that was grinding abit anyway.. the exterior is pretty average but nothing i wont be able to fix over time.. I decided it would be easier to just reshell everything into it.. which started yesterday afternoon.. tonight i finished pulling the last few things out of the engine bay (Brake booster/master, clutch master etc) and prepping it for paint because i can and ive got a bunch of spare time at the moment.. That's how it looked right before i came upstairs.. i have a color picked out and ready to go so it should look good
  3. Just another JDM s13

    Not yet I haven't.. I've been quoted about 2k to get the damage fixed and in primer.. and im expecting around 1k to fix everything else and replace panels..
  4. Just another JDM s13

    Silvieson finally got around to editing some footage from the matsuri.. Im on there a few times.. mostly when i spin haha i have some footage on my computer but i dont think any of it is any good
  5. Just another JDM s13

    I've pulled the Rego off it already cause i needed the money for another car, shitty VX i miss having boost .. That was the highlight of my week actually when i got to drive her home to/ from my boss's place for work.. boost is a magical cure for any mood.. But yeah i think itd be easier to retire it to track duties.. purely cause i wont have to worry about engineering anything i decide to do.. I've had silvieson over for a bit of today and we got alot of it out but its not 100%.. Im keeping my mind open to the potential of a reshell (thinking a Sil80 in the same color would be sweet) Got it spot on mate.. Yeah i think they do judging by their facebook page.. ill see how i go fixing this before i go buying anything.. Thanks man.. i was starting to think i read everyone elses threads but no-one reads mine lol.. I'm in the process of getting that movie off someone i know so i can watch it tonight.. I've already heard alot about what he did to that car but i think he might have more funds then i do haha
  6. Just another JDM s13

    So last month i went to my first matsuri in the sil with my mate Anthony.. $250 for saturday/ sunday + camping and a passenger/ Pit crew band.. Stopped for dinner and Fuel before we got to the track.. The silvia in front is my mate anthonys (seriously awesome car) First day i was pretty average but that was to be expected from someone who has done nothing more then chirpies in a commodore (and yes im serious.. not even the slightest burnout, donut or anything similar).. Everyone i spoke to was saying i was really improving and i only killed one pair of tyres (Stock 15" pumped up well above what they should have been really *cough60+psiCough*) On the second day i tossed the 16's that came on the sil on and pumped them up to about 38psi and hit the track.. i didn't think the tyres would change the feel of the car as much as they did but my god the car felt amazing once i got used to the tyres.. The person in the passenger seat is my stepdad.. i dragged him to a drift comp day for fathers day one year and since then hes been super interested in jumping in a car on the track so i gave him the chance.. He loved it, infact hes looking for his own driftcar now haha Then of course something happened.. I was drifting the one big corner in the course and i kept dirt dropping but i had done that plenty of times earlier in the day/ weekend and managed to recover enough to keep going.. but this time i didnt.. the inside tyre was still on the track and gripped up and spat me off the track up and into a wall.. *people rushed to make sure i was ok but i was more concerned about the car.. much swearing very intense* That photo also had the bonnet flattened down abit so it doesnt look too bad.. So yeah.. i crashed it on its first track day.. the main reason its as bad as it is because the previous owner decided to mangle the factory intercooler piping hole on that side of the car.. thus all the strength was gone completely.. going to try and pull it out and see how it goes.. at this stage looks like itl be retired to track duties only.. oh well shit happens when you having fun Heres a quick list of shit that needs to be replaced/ fixed: - Guards - Bonnet - Front bar - Left headlight - Front Left Quarter
  7. Just another JDM s13

    It's been a couple of months since my last update mainly due to me being far to lazy to update anything other then facebook.. Since my last post the sil failed Blueslip due to rust and a tierod end only to be passed the day after (Happened to have a spare tierod end in the car from when i bought it).. The day i registered it i had planned to drive to Ipswich for some happy laps with the MCM qld group.. about 15 minutes away from my house i decided to pull into my parents house just to double check everything was right.. But unfortunately the front main had died and was leaking enough that i couldnt go to QLD.. and the clutch master was leaking on my foot as a drove inside the car.. so i didnt end up going and i lost $400 or so on a hotel room i never got to use.. Needless to say i was completely devastated.. Couple of days after that i bought a new front main and with the help of my stepdad i replaced it and no more leaks.. very happy with that.. Also went and took some photos to attempt to cheer myself up.. cause atleast i got to drive it finally.. After that my GF's little girl had appointments in brisbane so we had to go up there.. i of course insisted we take the silvia and despite many people thinking i was going to break down whilst i was up there for a good 4 days (driving around to meets and whatnot) she drove up there fine.. didnt lose ANY fluids at all even with the master being buggered.. and she drove back home fine too (even though the clutch system got air in it leaving me with very little clutch pedal).. ^Just stopped at woodburn on the way to check everything and noticed the sunset was hitting the car perfectly^ I've been back from brisbane for awhile now and driving the Sil every chance i get (Which is basically when im not working) and ive changed the old CA type clutch master with a new SR type from Taarks, needed to get a new clutch line made up to go to the balancer block though luckily enough there is a hydraulic hose place near by that didnt mind making me up one to suit. Other then the drivers door lock not locking the door theres nothing else really wrong with her.. ^ I've fallen in love with the car ever since i first got to drive it.. it blew all my expectations away and everytime i get to drive her it puts a smile on my face and i suddenly dont have any problems.. ^ Now im saving up so i can buy a new fuel pump and a good Adjustable Fuel PRessure Regulator so i can turn the boost up abit once im fully used to the factory boost (even though i barely notice it anymore) Then coilovers and getting the body sorted out and looking good again.. *~* Just wanted to add some thanks to people in here at the end *~* - Nathan from Nkautoworx, Met him through a mate of mine (SilvieSon) and even though ive undoubtedly pissed him off on more then one occasion with stupid questions and general impatience regarding the silvia I seriously couldnt have asked for a better guy to help me out with everything and to put up with my shit.. - @Silvieson, I know for sure he's wanted to strangle me or more then one occasion since we met and he made the silly mistake of getting involved with my cars.. There is not a single peice of advice he's given me in relation to the silvia or other stuff that hasn't been helpful.. although we do need to work on those damn ceiling fans man they come out of nowhere then BAM! dick gets stuck in them - Houstyn, Mainly for his knowledge and muscles haha.. He's always more then happy to help out when he can even if hes flat out with his own stuff and its late at night.. - My Gf, For being silly enough to buy me the damn car then spend another few thousand trying to fix it before i gave up and bought a whole new engine setup - My Mum for telling me about the SkylineSilvia that was sitting at the wreckers and then proceeding to complain about me buying it for the next year and a half - My Stepdad Steve for coming and helping me move the silvia on a car trailer from one place to another before the conversion and helping me fix other things when he had the chance And most importantly - The internet, purely for proving im not the only idiot who has no f**king clue what they're doing and providing me with alot of info, wether or not it was accurate is another thing..
  8. Just another JDM s13

    You forgot to mention in those 2 years there was a slight flood.. which didn't help anything lol.. and i told you you could use my car cover for silvie so she didnt get too wet and attacked by cats..
  9. Just another JDM s13

    Nah sold that awhile ago
  10. Just another JDM s13

    A better quality vid i took the other day after the castor arms were changed..
  11. Just another JDM s13

    there is a fairbit of swearing so youve been warned This is it idling with the whole exhaust on.. And my first drive ^.^ very happy with it now its done.. ill get another driving video once i get rego done
  12. Just another JDM s13

    Sold it.. ive got a stack of spare parts in my shed ive got to get rid of now
  13. Just another JDM s13

    Thanks man.. it really has come a long way.. im totally inlove with the engine and the way the rest of the car is
  14. Just another JDM s13

    So the new stats of the sil are: Engine: SR20DET, T28BB, Apexi hybrid return flow intercooler, 3" Kakimoto exhaust Brakes: Stock Sr20det calipers/ discs, BM44 Brake master cylinder and booster out of a R33 skyline.. Wheels: Genuine 17" Sparco somethings
  15. Just another JDM s13

    So the weekend just gone was the big weekend for the sil.. One of my mates from brisbane who i met through someone else who has a silvia came down with his falcon packed full of goodies for me.. I didnt take as many photos as i would have liked but ill do my best to update everything.. Friday - My mate turns up at a mutual friend's house with all my goodies in the back of his falcon wagon seeing as i moved the sil to his house the weekend before.. As soon as i get there we set into unloading the car.. Once we got the Sr20Det out of the car we put the 3" dump pipe on, Reconstructed the gearbox (guy that bought my old CA pulled it apart trying to get the bellhousing off removed alot of shit that didn't need to be, but anyway).. my mates were abit concerned about the gearbox being f**ked after being pulled apart and what not but once it was back together with the new bellhousing but it selected gears fine.. We finished bolting it all together and that was it for the night.. ^This was the first time i had seen it in person and it hit me that it was finally happening after months and months.^ Saturday - We started earlyish and finished prepping the Bay and jacking up the car and what not.. by lunchtime the engine was in and the harness was partially run before a quickish Supercheap run for a new battery, new clamp, and fluids.. A bit later on we hooked up the Apexi hybrid Return-Flow front mount, primed the engine and started it.. and my god.. i SWEAR i came at the sound of it just out of the dump.. my mate put the whole thing on stands and decided to check the gearbox the best way.. 4th gear power runs and holy christ it was loud.. but they both remarked at how responsive the engine was for how little work has been done (And that coming from a pair of guys that both have sr20det Silvias that push 220kw and 300+Kw respectively has got to be saying something).. ^How she sat that night before we left^ After the big success i decided id shout dinner at the local pub my family goes to a fair bit.. Sunday - We spent the first part of sunday ironing out the few little kinks in the engine and putting the 3" Kakimoto exhaust on.. new SR20DET Silvia brakes on the front.. which was painful due to the flood we had ages ago where the brakes went under and made everything hard to undo.. once we finished that we moved to bleeding the brakes.. When i pumped the pedal the master cylinder was blowing bubbles and nothing else, not good, after further investigation we found that the booster was full of brake fluid and had rusted away the bottom section.. which really put a bad spin on everyones mood.. And cause i live where there are no import wreckers nearby the chances of finding anything were very very slim... Or so we thought.. ^The tip of the exhaust.. im waiting on a video of it idling to upload when it finishes ill post it in a reply^ Monday - We decided to try our luck around the local wreckers we spent 2 hours just walking around one of the 4 hectare yards looking at what they had, and we found some mint cars that didnt deserve to be there at all (a Cressida with a 7M-GTE and a early model supra to name a couple). Then after a quick lunch break we moved onto another wrecker whom we had been informed had a couple of skylines.. We got out there and he let us have a look around at what he had to see if there was anything that would suit.. And as luck would have it he had a R33 and a R34 GT.. The 34 had nothing of use on it to me but the 33 had a BM44 Brake master and intact booster in good condition.. So we removed those and took them home and installed them in the silvia and bled the brakes.. SUCCESS!! Now i have a good working brake pedal with the added perk of it being an upgrade from stock.. Then we went to put my new Sparco wheels on and noticed that one had a egg (sidewall lump) in it this made me a saaaaaad panda but i still got to put 2 of them on the front and didnt change the rears.. And then it got the all important test drive.. Up the road and back twice swapping drivers between my more experienced mates and with me in the passenger seat before parking it back in the shed for the night and calling it quits after they noticed i need to replace my castor rod bushes and get a wheel alignment.. Tuesday - Spent most of tuesday helping my mate remove an engine out of the 33 we found at the wreckers (he wanted it for a side project hes doing for someone).. when we finished that we went home and cleaned up the shed.. and then i got my turn driving it.. and thats when i fell completely and utterly inlove with the car.. And this is how she looks now.. needs a good clean but will look awesome when ive got the matching set of rims.. So happy with it now its finished