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  1. springvale rd police chase

    One wheel. Mint condition. lulz, but srssly the guy had to be a turbospaz to run through an intersection, seeing the blind spots in the video. the police will just paint the rest of the car community as hoons, so i'll just paint the police as pedophiles for the handful of them that have committed that crime o_0
  2. springvale rd police chase

    can see some parts comming up for sale
  3. Just moved to Melbourne

    unless you have a collection of plates an want to run from the fun police wile playing nwa f the police
  4. What Australian drifting needs

    look at NZ.... aus just needs less uptight government and track owners/managers won't happen in mine or your lifetime because the gov likes railing jap car enthusiasts, we are there new found cash cow.
  5. things that annoy you

    the youth of today having no balls to push an work hard, i've worked with broken ribs, broken knuckles, fractured wrist, twisted ankles, wood screw through my foot, flu, coughing blood. and yes i lift lol
  6. "What have you done to your car lately" thread

    keyword y33 loom not y33 complete car
  7. was just stating how i did mine i use to gut cars day in day out, when i was a young skid doing yard work. don't take it as an attack, your points are valid, an thx for the contribution an opinion.
  8. What Australian drifting needs

    lol tldr short version: this only applys to spoon fed lil skids, with rich mommys an daddys.
  9. Y34 cedric ecu diagram/pinout

    if its the same as the y33 here ya go 1. Ignition signal 2. Ignition check 3. Tachnometer 4. ECCS relay 5. RPM (confirmed by Gizzmo Electronics dual stage shiftlight manual) 6. Evap canister purge volume control valve 7. A/T check signal 8. Fuel pump relay 9. Air conditioner triple-pressure switch 10. ECCS ground 13. Cooling fan relay (high) 14. Cooling fan relay (low) 15. Air conditioner relay 16. EVAP canister purge volume control valve 17. EVAP canister purge volume control valve 18. Malfunction indicator lamp 19. ECCS ground. 20. Start signal 21. Air conditioner switch 22. Inhibitor switch 23. Throttle position sensor (confirmed by Apexi SAFC manual) 24. A/T signal No.1 25. Power steering oil pressure switch 26. Vehicle speed sensor (confirmed by apexi RSM manual 27. Throttle position switch (closed position) 28. Intake air temperature sensor 29. A/T signal No.2 30. A/t signal No.3 33. Throttle position sensor signal 37. Ambient air temperature switch 38. ignition switch 39. ECCS ground (confirmed by Gizzmo Electronics dual stage shiftlight manual) 40. Camshaft position sensor (Reference signal) 41. Camshaft position sensor (Position signal) 43. ECCS ground 44. Camshaft position sensor (Reference signal) 46. Front heated oxygen sensor (confirmed by Apexi auto timer manual) 47. Mass air flow sensor (confirmed by Apexi SAFC manual) 48. Mass air flow sensor ground 49. Sensor' power supply 50. Sensors' ground 51. Engine coolant temperature sensor 52. Rear heated oxygen sensor 53. Crankshaft position sensor (OBD) 54. Knock sensor (confirmed by Apexi SAFC manual) 55. Rear window defogger relay 56. Power supply for ECM (confirmed by Gizzmo Electronics dual stage shiftlight manual) (IGN?) 58. Data link connector for GST 60. Headlamp switch 61. Power supply for ECM 62. EGR temperature sensor 63. Tank fuel temperature sensor 64. Data link connector for Consult 65. Data link connector for Consult 66. Absolute pressure sensor 67. EVAP control system pressure sensor 68. Data link connector for Consult 69. MAP/BARO switch solenoid valve 70. Power supply (backup) - referred to as power supply by apexi RSM manual 101. IACV-AAC valve 102. Injector No.1 103. EGRC-solenoid valve 104. Injector No.3 105. EVAP canister purge control solenoid valve 106. ECCS ground 107. Injector No.2 108. EVAP canister vent control valve 109. Injector No.4 110. Rear heated oxygen sensor 112. ECCS ground 113. Current return 114. REC relay 115. Front heated oxygen sensor 117. Vacuum cut valve bypass valve 118. ECCS ground.
  10. What Australian drifting needs

    o_0 people set up outdoor go kart tracks with less drama, bloody nazi's an politics.
  11. you dont need to remove the wheel on s13 just undo all vents then tilt back an drag across the passenger side
  12. speed trap cops taught a lesson

    i remember reading about a p76 layland getting clocked at over 300kmh next to an airport it went to court an was thrown out can't remember what state now, but the article was in a 97/98 edt of radio and communications/radio mag
  13. SE Hoons

    po-lice are lazy unless it's some social get together bullying the car communities so the gov can make that easy money wtf are they on about before even the hoon shat, i remember when one of my mates gfs got raped, she called the po-lice from the house, hour later. mind you police stations 2/3 mins away
  14. "What have you done to your car lately" thread

    probing y33 loom, removed s13 dash