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  1. S15 rotors front and rear

    Sorry, long gone to metal recycling. They were not perforated or slotted, just stock.
  2. Not sure if anyone else has noticed much more fan noise after installing a 52mm alloy radiator. I never used to notice any fan noise with the stock radiator. I think possibly the viscous clutch is getting to much heat as it is now physically closer to the radiator code, making it operate harder earlier. This happens even on cool days after 20 mins or so driving. Engine is basically stock with Nismo thermostat and alloy china radiator (52mm triple core). Engine temps are fine (probably cooler than they should be for daily driving) and system has been bled. I just want to know if this is a normal thing with an alloy rad replacement that I haven't seen mentioned before.
  3. Very interesting. My car didn't come with fog lights, audio or keyless entry (but has all). Everything else matches.
  4. S15 rotors front and rear

    Front rotors are 29.6mm (min 28, new 30) Rear are 8.1mm (min 7, new 9) Probably not going to ship these due to the weight. Can pickup in Epping or Bella Vista, or could be persuaded to drop off around or between said locations. Make an offer, 6-pack of beer or equivalent cash will be looked at favourably.
  5. Trolley Jacks

    Thanks guys. Good to know they work well with a bit of abuse.
  6. Trolley Jacks

    My 25 yo trolley jack has finally given up and leaked out its fluid. I am thinking about winning our and getting a light aluminium one to replace it. Do people rate the Arcan 1.8T from Costco? Any good alternatives?
  7. Is a walbro 450 too big for 180rwkw?

    A Walbro 255 can flow 177-215 l/h (12v to 13.5v) at 70 psi (25 psi boost) from typical graphs I have seen. Which is enough to max out 740cc side feed injectors (177 l/h) at up to 25psi boost. Just make sure they get enough volts. However they are not E85 proof so expect a shortened life.
  8. S13 sr20det problems!

    Sounds like a bad earth to your fuel pump. 6.3 volts isn't good (unless you measured the fuel gauge signal by mistake). Bad earth's to the fuel pump can be an issue. Edit: The earth to the pump goes through a relay that is controlled by the ECU. Maybe you have a bad relay or bad wiring.
  9. The Penrite 10 Tenths range have a lot of Zinc. Read below why Zinc is a good thing for wear reduction. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2012/10/18/tech-101-zinc-in-oil-and-its-effects-on-older-engines/ https://www.thoughtco.com/debunking-the-motor-oil-additive-urban-legend-726162
  10. Nismo injector id help

    Colour is right, and the A46-Z00 and 5 markings match my Nismo 740s. The other number I presume is a serial number as that differs in several digits. The following link shows a good shot of the bottom of the injector that match my 740s. https://www.rhdjapan.com/nismo-high-flow-volume-injector-side-feed-740cc.html
  11. S15 Ignition barrel jammed

    Generally silicon spray is recommended for locks. The solvent evaporates leaving behind a thin layer of silicon grease.
  12. The R35 AFM is the same as used in a number of less desirable Nissans. Search eBay by part number "22680 7S000" rather than R35 to get a much better price. Same AFM in skinny tube runs models like Pathfinder, Murano, pulsar, X-Trail, etc. Just beware that later models changed to an AFM with a round, rather than rectangle, flange. But the part number is different.
  13. With the R35 sensor, it all depends on the size of the tube it is fitted in. However your 350z AFM mounting is 3" so power is limited. A 4" tube will see much more power.
  14. GOODBYE Just Car Insurance...

    That's new , it never used to It's called 'driver cover plus'. They have info for NSW and ACT, so not sure what happens in other states.
  15. GOODBYE Just Car Insurance...

    GIO CTP also covers the at fault driver.