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  1. Hardrace Swaybar Does not fit 180sx

    Sorry mate i should have made clear its actually a front swaybar, not for the rear. Have actually just had a look under the box and it says its for an s14....which is why it doesnt f**kin fit, but cheers for your help anyway
  2. Hardrace Swaybar Does not fit 180sx

    That'd be awesome cheers mate
  3. Hardrace Swaybar Does not fit 180sx

    Hey pmod, nah the bushes fit in fine now that i trimmed some of the centre away, im having trouble fitting the endlinks to the ends of the swaybar on either side, the bar looks like its too long and the holes go past where the endlink should fit in
  4. Hardrace Swaybar Does not fit 180sx

    You had experience with them davlos? got any pics of them actually fitting?
  5. Hey guys, Have an issue with a hardrace swaybar i purchased for my 180 which doesnt fit, just seeing if anyone out there can confirm that this is for an s14/15 and not for a 180 Had to actually modify the bushes they supplied to fit in the brackets and once the bar was fitted under the car the bar ends extend past where the endlinks sit on the LCA so there is no way to connect them up, also noticed they only have two holes on each side instead of the 3 pictured on their online store.
  6. Cheers fellas, will give em both a ring for quotes!
  7. Alright cheers bud will look into it, im more on the south side tho ahaha
  8. Just wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations as to where i should get me ecu re-burnt and remapped in Adelaide? Ecu is just a nistune. Got quoted by Adelaide classic cars for $100 for a new board to be burnt (currently running auto board for a manual) and $800 for a full remap, seems exy but im not sure any input is welcome! Cheers
  9. Injectors and BOV's

    Is that the respons your talking about croS13? Had a look at them what size you running?
  10. Injectors and BOV's

    Running P98 str8e180. Nah the injectors aren't stuffed they just arent what i was told they were, aside from that i always thought nismo 740's have red tops? Yeah greens14 im looking to retain a stock feel so want to keep the sidefeeds aswell (probably doesnt matter cops will find something to defect anyway)
  11. Injectors and BOV's

    Whaddup everyone, Just got 2 questions thats probably hiding on the forum somewhere, had a good look cant find it tho so ill ask here. My ride info is sitting under new member introductions under http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=534042 Took the car in for a comp test today as i thought i was getting blow by, ended up walking out with not needing a comp test as the way my pcv plumbing is set up is all wrong plus my injectors aren't actually nismo 740cc but either drilled out standard 340's or sard 550's and my ecu needs a full remap as the base file being used currently is for an auto sr20 motor... So my question is should i just buy 740's or go to 1000's and what brand/type should i be looking to buy if i wana be pushing high boost 250-280kw? Also interested in knowing what brand/model bov to look for to get plumbed on, dont want anything rice just something simple. Cheers!
  12. Cheers man will have a look at the seals see if thats where it is. Yeah i dont actually have a BOV plumbed in atm still gotta look at getting a bung done up, not gunna look at anything shit just something basic. haha that was my original plan to look at a 2 way diff maybe, dunno why just heard good things about the 3071 (was a long term replacement idea) Thanks bud appreciate it
  13. Whats going on lads/chicks Just wanted to introduce my 180 i picked up from a mate about a month ago with a fully forged and rebuilt sr20. specs are as follows: - Block chemically cleaned, crack tested, decked, bored,flywheel machined. -Head cleaned, new valves and seats, valve stem seals and guides, decked, crack tested, 3 angle valve grind. -C.P forged pistons -Eagle forged rods -s14 genuine Nissan timing chain kit -Tomei Pon Cams -Genuine Nissan gasket kit -Greddy rocker stoppers -performance valve springs -New genuine lifters -Arp main studs -Arp head studs -Tomei multi layer head gasket -2871r turbo - Nismo 740cc injectors -walbro 255lb fuel pump -Nistune ecu -splitfire coil packs -iridium spark plugs -new genuine water pump -new genuine oil pump -earls braided turbo line kit -High volume finned sump -triple core aluminium radiator -100mm thick in bay custom mounted intercooler -twin 12" thermo fans with shroud -vdo thermatic fan switch -pod filter -ISC engine mounts -Solid steering spacer -16x8 and 16x7 Sebring mesh wheels with brand new supercat tyres -momo steering wheel -pod filter -vdo oil pressure, boost and oil temp gauges -engine bay strut brace -shimmed LSD diff -exedy heavy duty clutch Safe tune on 14psi made 240rwkw on pump fuel. capable of a lot more. Future plans: New Coilovers (thinking ISC N1's?) Rims (maybe rota's or te37's) EBC BOV was thinking change to a 3071 twin scroll as i want to change the exhaust system aswell. Got a couple questions aswell with getting blow by or possible oil leak on the engine, noticed its mostly on the right hand side where the dipstick is and when revving the car oil spits out through the tube, doubt whether it could be a piston problem as they are only about 3000kms old? open to suggestions tho! got a pic up of the breathers too if anyone can see anything wrong with their setup also got a photo of an inlet plugged up to the intake mani, would that be a suitable place to run my boost gauge line? didnt want to T in between the FPR and compromise that line at all Let us know thoughts cheers