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  1. Gary's S14A.

    Thanks man. Wow or have we come a long way or what!? Getting keen again. Not long now (for the hundredth time).
  2. Gary's S14A.

    Oh believe me, it took a LONG time to muster up the courage to cut that much off an external body piece. And yeah, that's the idea anyway. Hopefully I can make it work well. Should be PLENTY of room now though. Cheers mate. Really means a lot.
  3. Gary's S14A.

    Scary stuff right here. Started cutting the rear quarters for diffuser etc.
  4. Gary's S14A.

    I did end up getting that thermostat spacer. It worked a treat. I did however need to file part of the lower runner to allow the part to bolt up. Thanks heaps for that advice "1200 ute"!
  5. Gary's S14A.

    Little block I made for the vacuum regulator mount. Bolts to the right hand strut tower. Needs 2 ORB bungs welded in still. Also got my fuel lines plumbed up. Not shown in the photos, but the pressure and return lines are mounted under the car alongside the drivers side chassis rail. I will probably look at putting some sort of protection under them so they don't get torn up from gravel traps etc.
  6. Gary's S14A.

    Yeah sweet. That looks like it would work. The only thing I would be unsure of is then the clearance between the thermostat housing and the lower intake runners as it is a bit tight.
  7. Gary's S14A.

    Ahah. Yes it would make sense to get rid of the thermostat housing and solve my problems. So at the moment, im actually using an adapter which bolts onto the thermostat housing that has a -16AN male fitting on it with the 3 bolts. It is however a straight attachment instead of angled like the factory pipe end. I believe mazworx do an offset one which is still a straight mount which may solve the issue. Pretty sure mine is from taarks. Might contact him. Edit: Actually, I prefer your idea of welding a bung to the end of the stock housing. As for the oil cooler, it is actually in the best position imo. It's not there to keep it away from frontal impacts but it is there for high volume air flow. I will be ducting air directly through the intercooler, then the radiator, then the oil cooler and straight out the top of the bonnet. If I were to mount it off to one side, I think that airflow would be compromised. It is a bonus also that hot air out the top of the car gives an aerodynamic advantage, so there will be ducting out the bonnet and a spoiler in front of it to create a low pressure area in the opening of the duct.
  8. Gary's S14A.

    Got the new radiator fittings welded on and I installed the radiator in place of the eBay special one. Ooh lovely koyorad. Made up the hoses for the inlet and outlets only to find that the thermostat housing makes sure that I won't be able to run the water pump and alternator belt if I install as is. Damn it. So now I'm considering either putting an idler for the belt, mounted to the alternator bracket so that the belt will clear the thermostat housing inlet fitting..... OR Doing an electric water pump conversion. Mmmmmmm Thoughts???
  9. Gary's S14A.

    Next up is the mounting of the new NUKE surge tank and the walbro lift pump The tank has two walbro 460 pumps inside. Over last weekend we transported the car from my parents place to my new place so now I can actually put some hours into it.
  10. Gary's S14A.

    Position of 4- way distribution block Plumbing stainless steel 3/16 tube I actually decided to re-do the ENTIRE car's brake lines in stainless. What a pain that was. But it looks pretty sweet. The inlet looks a bit better than this one. I made 4 of them as I was not happy with the first 3
  11. Gary's S14A.

    Ok. So. But of an update. Was really busy with Christmas and holidays and birthdays and actually getting time to spend on the S14 but I do have some updates. Factory master cylinder and booster removed. New wilwood master cylinder to be installed What's happening here? New bracing for the seat mounts Had to cut the floor Frame tacked up Frame welded in The threads are solid steel I machined on the lathe and tapped. M10 thread, 18mm diameter steel, 25mm thick.
  12. Gary's S14A.

    Update incoming!!
  13. Gary's S14A.

    Had the last couple of days off work and finally got the oil plumbing complete with the exception of the accumulator mounting and the mounting for the vacuum regulator. Anywhatsits, here's some photos. Dummy position of the oil cooler Brackets and plumbing from the thermostat And the end result So there are a lot of lines going everywhere but it all makes sense when you look at it Next up, I need to make the main cooling duct.
  14. Gary's S14A.

    Got some more work done on the exhaust covering. It's not completely final but it's close. All 1.6mm mild steel. Still need to install the roll cage and modify the covers etc.
  15. Gary's S14A.

    Got some more work done this weekend. Pretty happy with how it is turning out. Props to my other half for cutting out the plates from the card templates. First time on a grinder 👍