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  1. I checked base timing on Sunday and its bang on 15deg. And yeah, I will be getting cams in the future. Frsport have poncams pretty cheap. This is the wastegates full range of motion This is how far the actuator pushes it So i dont think it's hitting, it must just be the design? Anyway Im not too worried about that, I just want to know if i can use the EBC to get full boost (~22-24PSI) at around 4000rpm safely? Or will it run lean?
  2. ATR28SS1.5 180sx sr20det 3inch Intake pipe 3inch exhaust, bell mouth dump, 200cpi cat FMIC Stock cams 740cc injectors Z32 afm P98 fuel Nistune The tuner turned off the boost controller because of all the creep. As you can see, managed 211kw and feels a bit laggy. I want to turn on the boost controller but im scared the increased boost at lower rpm hasn't been accounted for in the the map, and cause it to run lean.... can anyone shed some light on this?
  3. Been lurking this thread lately as I'm looking for a new turbo at the moment and I have to say these look promising. Tao, I was wondering if you could tell me the difference between the ATR28G2 and the ATR28SS1.5? They both seem to suit what I want. Thanks
  4. Price : $300 Condition : Used Up for sale are 4xJECS 550cc injectors from my SR20DET. Selling them as I am upgrading to 740cc. Only problem with them is that the lower o-rings need to be replaced. Can pick-up or post. PM to contact me, cheers.