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  1. Bitcoin Thread

    Been meaning to start this thread for a while lol. Here, noobies can ask any questions or address any confusion they have. Bitcoin can become very complex, very quickly the deeper you get into it, so feel free to ask any questions on the technical aspects of bitcoin, the social aspects, political etc etc I'm sure along with myself there are other people here who can help out. Other than that, discussing market trends atm is welcome haha. The last few months have been interesting, the market trend has been declining, whereas merchant adoption has been inclining, looks like most merchants are converting their bitcoin sales->fiat which is part of the reason for the downtrend. It'll be interesting to see what happens as adoption among merchants becomes greater where they start buying and selling stock using bitcoin between one another, this would save time + fees for a lot of them. We've been testing the $460s (USD) for a while now, it'll be interesting to see which direction we actually break, even more interesting will be the block halving that will come up at around 2016, I think that will have a big impact. I think for the moment for traders, hodling is the best option as we are just going up and down $20 continuously, so not really a point in trading these days. Anyone here get into bitcoin pre-$1000 boom?
  2. T28 HELP

    No offense man, but if approx $100 is big money for you, you're seriously in the wrong hobby. Pick a new one. And that's not a bad price that you paid either, not at all.
  3. Is this my BOV?

    Is it plumb back or vent to atmosphere
  4. The movie heads-up thread

    hey steveP, I always check this thread out, never took the time to thank - you, so thank - you!
  5. Do you have the rear lights for the s14 if it's a series 2
  6. injector replacement on SR

    I have s15 injectors for sale if you want them
  7. How much

    gg'd brah.
  8. tbh instead of stuffing around with all that just use a hud like this lol: www.thecarhud.com.au
  9. Hey Mangs, A year ago, I bought a brand new CES dump + front combo. However mang, big dilemma. I have a couple of exhausts, but that's good, all good mang. But last week I decided I should try that untouched CES dump and front pipe, I had to take my turbo out anyway, so may as well. However, my turbo was now s15 turbo, not s14 which I used to have. CES dump for s14, no good mang. So now I cannot use the (did I mention untouched?!) CES dump and front combo, very sad mang. I paid $725 for it brand new mang. But you and me are close, I'll see it to you for $600 mang. It's brand new mang. Still got all the gaskets and bolts in their original packaging mang. Good deal Mang. It has twin pipes so that wastegate exhaust gasses separate. Because wastgate exhaust gasses pussy, too pussy to meet turbo properly. Less turbulence la. Better response la. Look at these beauty pictures mang. http://imgur.com/a/jXNSs
  10. smashed front nissan s14

    if you take pmods advice, I'll buy your right rear tail light to start with lol. Am serious.
  11. S15 silvia, what should I be paying?

    $46,200 is above $65k in today's money: http://www.rba.gov.au/calculator/annualDecimal.html

    I'll buy the FMIC setup, I'lll PM you
  13. just upload pics to imgur.com
  14. 200-210kw responsive SR20DET mods

    Johnny should just start a tuner school and cash in lol haha.
  15. 1997 S14a 200sx sports for sale $7500

    very nice example and very fair price. Good luck.
  16. Hey guys, So I'm planning to get my car up and running during this long weekend if I find the time haha (work gah ), but I was wondering if any of you blokes are up for a cruise in the next couple of weeks? I'm thinking we meet up in the evening and go for a good cruise, maybe catch a bite to eat on the way. Anyway, chuck in some ideas and we'll see what suits everyone Final Details Meeting Time: 8:30PM Meeting Location: Thornleigh mcDonalds overflow car park (see map) Departure Time: 9PM SHARP - This means as long as you arrive before 9PM, that's fine, you don't have to come by 8:30PM Route: Thornleigh McDonalds overflow carpark - Gosford Mcdonalds. We can stop for some refreshments at Gosford Mcdonalds (65 pacific highway). So to recap: 1. We will congregate at 8:30 - 9PM at Thornleigh maccas, chill and talk shit 2. We will leave Maccas at 9PM SHARP 3. Maybe we'll need to regroup somewhere in between, idk, we'll play it by ear 4. We will regroup at Worthington BMW Motorcyles on 5 kangaroo Rd, Kariong - this is the first turn off, off of pacific highway to get to Gosford maccas. We will chill here, wait for the slow shitboxes like mine to catch up lol 5. Leave together to head to maccass where we can unwind a bit, maybe eat some stuff, get some refreshments etc 6. Head back 7. It will be a mad cruise and we'll all look forward to the next one haha All communications running up to the meeting time of the cruise, DURING the cruise etc will all be done over whatsapp. That means if anyone is running late, we need to regroup etc, this will all be communicated over whatsapp, so please PM Johnnilicte if you're not in the whatsapp group already
  17. Happy Data Retention Day Australia!

    What I'm more worried about though, if the "official" reason for the government doing this is "because terrorists", well then terrorists know already to use encryption, so that throws the governments 10 quadrillion dollar plan (hyperbole) out the window of meta data retention. For instance, right now if you google a program called "mujahideen" to memory, that is a bespoke encryption software used by terrorists around the world for their communications. Now let's take the scenario that somehow a terrorist doesn't use a encryption program for their communications, let's say they're "dumb" enough to use whatsapp. Even whatsapp has end to end encryption, so even then, the meta deta retention scheme would have absolutely zero effect. Now, obviously this is very simple and straight forward to know. So then the question is, since this is as obvious as day, what truly is the governments' motivation for this? Obviously they're not going to spend this amount of money and effort that is so obviously ineffective to catch terrorists and other criminals, so then what are their true motivations? What's the true intention? That's the scary part imo. And now I'm officially on the list lmao. May as well add a few other keywords, NSA, CIA, FBI, bomb, terrorist. That should do it lol.
  18. Happy Data Retention Day Australia!

    Yes, it's the ISPs responsibility to store the data. TO memory they weren't getting paid enough to store it on shore, so the plan was to use off shore data houses, but then to memory there was uproar from the government over that and they switched to on shore (to memory). In terms of knowing the identity or the owner of data, there are a couple of ways for them to know that but in the end it boils down to two things: 1) If it's your personal computer, it's very obvious, no need to go into details here 2) If it's a non personal computer, i.e. work, same scenario as above but they would leverage additional resources. Here, fall two instances: 2 a) You are browsing while signed into a google account or some other account - then this is straight forward C) You are browsing or using services without being signed into anything. This becomes a little harder, but still easy. This falls into the data analytics domain, basically let's say at your work there is a pool of 10 people, every individual there would have very distinct data that's attached to them. For instance, we visit nissansilvia.com all the time, however if you pick 100 people randomly in public, not even 1 of them would stastically know this site, even if you pick 1000 members of the public, it'd still be stastically less than 1. Anyway, that's just for one site, from the many sites and activities you undertake on the net, you have a very distinct data trail that is individual to you, so it's not very hard. From what I understand though, I don't think they do case 2 C) in general, it would have to be them looking for something specific. But obviously for all data, there exists an owner that they connect it with.
  19. No Need For Speed thread?

    Just wait for gran turismo 7, nfs isn't worth it, too arcade-y
  20. S15 part out

    what boost controller do you have?
  21. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    Haha yeah was really good. Found out that pmod wasn't a black guy. Event though I knew his display picture obviously wasn't him, for some reason I still always thought of him as a black guy lol. But yeah, it was good, we didn't encounter any police either which was good.
  22. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    I'll be in a red s14 since no one knows my car lol. I'll rock up a little bit early hopefully so that no one gets lost/thinks they're in the wrong place...
  23. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    Okay, map and OP have been updated with latest details. For the westies, I don't know where you guys want to meet, some of you are coming from Penrith or something, right? So maybe we'll meet in Blacktown? Maybe it's best if you guys come on the whatsapp group and we discuss there... Anyway, looking forward towards tomorrow night!!!
  24. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    Haha, okay I'll update edit: Nice photo picture, yalla.PNG
  25. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    Details updated, check the original post. Should be a good night, see you all there.