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  1. S14 Tachometer died

    is it white faced?
  2. S15 with R33 gearbox noise

    Could be input shaft bearing. Mines on the fritz in my s14 rumbles In neutral with clutch out then when you clutch in it slowly fades (input shaft slowly stops spinning) it got waaaaay more noticeable when I out my short shifter in.
  3. S14 Tachometer died

    Mines on the fritz in my kouki. Are the jdm clusters interchangeable with adm s14? Or can you get adm white faced clusters?
  4. s14 rear bumper

    Cheers dude!
  5. Hey Just wondering if an ADM zenki rear bumper will fit an ADM kouki. Anyone have any ideas? cheers
  6. S14 wheel width

    Ended up going CR Kai's in gunmetal 18x8.5+30 front 18x9.5+30 rear
  7. S14 wheel width

    so true bro hahaha .. Shits me how dudes with 4 wheel drives modify the f**k out of their rides and no one bats an eye. If it's an import your f**ked. They've structured the laws to make your car look as shit as possible!!! I guess cat and mouse with the cops is half the fun in south Australia we are lucky compared to other states!!
  8. S14 wheel width

    Cheers bro!!
  9. S14 wheel width

    I think I read that in an old thread and you recommended that size for some other dudes s14. whoops my bad, Sorry!
  10. S14 wheel width

    Thanks Shortshifta thats what I need to hear!! I may end up opting for the 9+30 front and 10+38 rear and just running small spacers if i have to to prevent the fronts touching and get the rears to sit flush.. Should really just man up and get 18x9+20 and 18x10+18 have seen them on rimtuck.com they do poke a bit but faaaaark they look so tough Im leaning more towards the +30 and +38s though and i may just run some small spacers to push them out a bit
  11. S14 wheel width

    Have had a look on rimtuck . There's an s14 with 18x9+20 front and 18x10+18 rear. Way to much poke on them. They hang right out guards cops would love it! Thinking what bling said was a good option 18x9+30 front 18x10+38 rear . May have to run small spacers to get it bang on. Opinions?
  12. S14 wheel width

    Don't know at this stage hadn't gotten that far was going to work that out after. Guna have a bit of stretch though
  13. S14 wheel width

    I have a pretzel in my head I was thinking 18x9+30 front and 18x10+38 so they don't hang out the guards too much. I've seen +20 and +18 and they poke heaps. But then if I get +30 and +38 I'm worried it will rub heaps on cornering. I have standard suspension at this stage. Maybe I could go down to 8s front 9s rear. No idea at this stage if only I could test fit.
  14. S14 wheel width

    Thanks for the replies! I'm thinking 18x9+30 front and 18x10+38 on the rear. Would that work? I'm mainly concerned about the fronts not scrubbing my inner guards out like crazy when cornering. Any ideas ?