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  1. Price : $1,000 Condition : Used BUMP
  2. Price : $1,000 Condition : Used Hey guys, i have a complete RB20DET engine from a 1993 R32 GTST with 130xxx km on the clock, comes with near new clutch, ecu, loom, cas, ignitor, injectors, coil packs, manifold, turbo, flywheel, starter motor, afm, alternator, etc. basically all you need is a gearbox and your ready to stick it in whatever. Apparntly the head has been done on it, the head is cleaner then the rest of the engine.. I am looking for 1k for it since everything you need is there for it and it comes with basically a brand new clutch and was running perfectly before it was taken out. If you want more info or pics pm or txt me and shoot me an offer, the worst i can do is say no lol, Thanks Myles.

    Yeah i will thanks guys
  4. Ebisu Matsuri: What did you buy and how much did it cost?

    Im heading up for the autumn matsuri in november as well, if anyone has a cheap matsuri car at ebisu for sale let me know!

    Im heading up for the Autumn matsuri in november, anybody got a cheap matusri car at ebisu for sale?
  6. What Australian drifting needs

    Many good points raised, i do like the idea tho of building a track for drifters by drifters. Everyone chips in, etc, etc. But as many of you have said it costs a lot of money and time. In terms of what Australian drifting needs, i think it needs more people who are in it for the drifting rather than the money and sponsorship. Drifting began because it was fun. I think some people forget that. I think there needs to be more matsuri's and practise days for the "little guys" to improve their skills and stuff. SMP dont hold events that regularly and are usually pretty expensive. When luddenham opens up i hope they will offer their track for drifters at a reasonable price. More track days for a reasonible price, the more people will get out there and drift and have fun which is what drifting is meant to be about.... having fun. Competition wise, i dont think the ADGP is that bad, the sport has been growing because of it, but i do agree that some of the grass roots people like stewy bryant and ken leong are much more talented than some of the "pro" drivers competing in the ADGP, not to mention so much more exciting to watch! However this is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own.....
  7. S15 Rolling Shell?

    Have you heard of Stewy Bryant? (nisskid on the forums) He has run a RB20DET for 6 years unopenned and not one rebuild and he limiter bashes that thing all day every day. He makes 300rwkw and all he has done is a TD06 20g turbo and supporting fuel and ecu mods. They sound awesome, make good power and are strong as, not to mention cheap! I already have one at home, so it would be stupid for me to go out and buy a RB25 or RB26 when i already have a good engine ready to install.......
  8. S15 Rolling Shell?

    Yeah, i have one sitting at home, why?
  9. S15 Rolling Shell?

    ahhh ok, thanks
  10. Hey guys, I want to get a S15 rolling shell to build into a competitive drift car, just wondering, how much do S15 rolling shells usually cost? Thanks Myles.
  11. Soon to be S13 owner!

    Hey Guys, the names Myles, im 18 and im new to the forums. I currently have a MX83 Cressida and a RB20DET, but thinking of selling it all to get a S13 with a Autech SR20DE. Im sure i know a few of you from around the place, meets etc. im part of the Cars For Hope team so i attend most of the meetups and stuff, anyway looking forward to talking to everone and stuff, Thanks! Myles.