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  1. Rb25det into R32

    That's for the help, sorry for getting back late been busy. Well the exhaust doesn't bother me now since I'm getting a turbo back exhaust for it now. I have given up on the forward plenum, was mostly wanting to do it to clean up the engine and because I'm running a intercooler that's one pipe in each side, but just goin standard. I know the r33 and r32 run different plugs to the gearbox but they are the same in mine. Also I know people have had trouble with rb25 gearbox in a r32 because the drive shaft between gearbox and diff are different lengths from r33 and r32, what's the best way around this? I've been told r32 drive shaft and a r33 yoke.
  2. Hey everyone. I need help, tips and pointers from people who have done this before or know information on it. So I don't want people saying "go rb20 it's easy" or asking how much power I want. I'm just getting it together and running standard not going massive power now. I have a r32 skyline rolling shell and putting a series 2 rb25det into it. I have gearbox n the custom mounts to fit the 32, the motor and other bits and pieces. 1st, question would be, is a rb20det radiator the same as a rb25det? If not will a rb25det radiator fit in the standard brackets in the r32? 2nd, the loom and ecu I still need to buy but want to know will it all plug and go or do I need to customize the loom to fit the r32 and if so is it a small easy job or do I need it professionally done? Does someone have a step by step instructions for it? 3rd, when I got the car it came with the exhaust from the cat back but no cat, the bolt pattern is 3 bolts and seems to be 4", now I have looked up r32 and r33 cars and they are 2 bolt does anyone have a idea what the 3 bolt goes to? 4th, can someone tag the how to thread for installing a forward facing plenum on a rb25, I have been searching and can't find it. Thanks everyone in advance, I'm sure I'll have more and more questions but a lot of help would be great thanks Mark
  3. Sr20det build.

    Hahaha how so you get that from?
  4. More power out of a CA18DE

    Haha holly shit, didn't think I would get this much feedback haha. All good points there, I'm off my p's in June next year and just wanted to have some fun in it now untill the sr20det is dropped in. Wasn't looking at spending alot to get nothing or believing I would make any horsepower haha. I do have a little cooling issue but waiting on the motor so I can put a nice sr radiator in. Don't want to do cams and stuff and already got a nice exhaust on it. I think ill just leave it how it sits and wait and save to deck out the sr. Cheers
  5. Hey guys I want to increase the power of my ca18de in my s13, I know I can put a turbo on but can't because of p plates and when I'm off my p plates ill have a sr20det to go in. Does anyone have a list of upgrades to get more power and ideas for better cooling and so on. Thanks
  6. Sr20det build.

    Hahha cutie pie? Look who's talking Yeah thought I would need all that. Cheers
  7. Hey all, I have decided to convert my ca18de s13 into a sr20det. How I'm hunting down a ecu wiring loom and bits and pieces but what I really want to know is do I need to get a sr gearbox or will my ca box fit on to the sr? Also will I need to replace the engine cross member with one from a sr20 s13 or just replace the engine mounts?
  8. sr20de air box cover

    Standard filter is alot better then a pod. Plus the filter is the same as any vs commo. A ryco a360 which K and N do one for only $100 and last for ages.
  9. Ca18det build

    Thanks for that dan. I'm the stuff I'm getting has another crankshaft in it aswell. Ill have to just do some more research and figure it all out Cheers
  10. Ca18det build

    Oh ok I thought it mite of been worn bits on the crank and getting it shimmed just cleans that up. Oh well haha Ill have to do some pricing and ask someone who can do it
  11. Ca18det build

    The crank shaft on the DET needs to be shimmed. Why is that and what would happen if I didn't get it shimmed and just left it?
  12. Ca18det build

    I spose that's true, there is a guy who does the heads just down the road from me. Thanks for all your advice. I think ill just get the DET motor and build it and refresh it proper
  13. Ca18det build

    I am going to get a full gasket set which I can get thru work at $180 at discount and going to replace it all, and I can get the crankshaft seals and bearings as well thru my work for a cheap price (not cheap product but because I get team member discount) I'm not sure about doing the piston rings or playing around with pulling out cams and doing valve seats and stuff like that because I haven't done any work on it at all.
  14. Ca18det build

    Sorry I'm buying a ca18det that needs the crankshaft shimmed and its all standard. My mate who has built ca's is giving me a shit load of stuff for $200, gearbox and turbos and everything like that. And I was going to build the ca and clean it up replace gaskets and everything so I know it's a good motor and reliable and just want to make a bit more hp then stock. I have a year till I'm on my opens and want to build it so its tough but not spastic crazy haha
  15. Ca18det build

    Thanks man or the advice. Ill check out your posts. I am getting alot of DET stuff from a mate who has built them. Getting 2 turbos intakes and exhausts pistons and cams a chipped ecu a head a crankshaft and alot of stuff like that. So got to wait and see if the crank shaft is any good and mite put it into the DET motor I'm getting and build it up.