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  1. Does this smell fishy?

    Thats pretty strange, photoshopped or resprayed black?
  2. Break in :(

    Pull out ignition leads lol
  3. Should always use paypal, ive been buying shit online for 10 years atleast and never once had an issue because ive always used it. Contact your bank, may be possible to reverse the transfer although the likeliness of this happening decreases with every day that passes. Also f**kin hell, this kierra moyo is IMMAC https://badoo.com/en...ile/01119374547
  4. NA 180SX BUILD

    I like the bomex rear lip, looks really good overall too. Maybe check for error codes on the ecu or use a consult cable and check some values against what should be the norm? http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5082
  5. Polish's S13 SR20D/VE BUILD

    I used to drive past this all the time to waterg's lol, miss seeing it around.
  6. What a joke, here is a pic from nissan fast when i put in your vin. White, Q's, Auto, no hicas. If someone can give me a type x vin that came with airbags then I can show a screenshot of that so you can compare.
  7. First Time Importing Help!

    According to this importer http://www.j-spec.com.au/typical_sale_prices a typical 180sx is landed and complied for around 10k. Seems like a good deal to me but if you are going through the trouble of importing one yourself, getting something accident graded seems like a waste of time so be prepared to pay alot more then you would buying locally.
  8. 180sx: rwc and the popo

    Depends where in vic you are. Im around the brimbank area mostly and get pulled over every couple of months. Been told I would receive an epa notice for too loud but it never came lol. If you keep it stock looking you wont have problems. Also how are you supposed to jack it up on stands without using the chassis rails? Mine are perfect although the stands I have are home made and cover a greater surface area on the rails which I think helps.
  9. Knock knock sensor

    Does it throw a code when dropping timing or only when faulty?
  10. Rare s13 options/parts

    How much usually? should go well with my Nismo pedals I was thinking of buying Nismo pedals too but also on the lookout for these, tomei n1 pedals. Took these screenshots from some old option video or something.
  11. Rare s13 options/parts

    Looks pretty cool, never seen that or the leg rests before. Been looking for a metal dead pedal for a while now too but they are always so expensive when they come up.
  12. Rare s13 options/parts

    http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=w120833715 Sold for $663, worth more in japan then here apparently
  13. Rare s13 options/parts

    Not to mention they are sun faded so not exactly mint condition, see this
  14. Rare s13 options/parts

    I think its fair enough considering people pay around the same for aero bars, the 180sx window inserts are even less common then the s13 ones too. http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=w120833715
  15. Whilst driving a couple hours ago I stupidly ran over a traffic island, the signpost on it has been hit off before so the stump of it did some damage under my s13. Worryingly, I could see a bit of oil near the engine mounts but im not completely sure if this is what it is. I started it back up (stupid) and it seemed fine, drove it back to work to jack it up to get a better look at the damage done. The sump seems like it scraped although I couldent find much other damage aside from this and it doesnt seem to be leaking oil. After leaving work the check oil light was on and the engine making noise for about a minute before the light turned of and it stopped making noise. Its now home, i assume I shouldent do anymore driving in it until its fixed? Should I tow it to a mechanic? Thanks
  16. Hit a traffic island

    I think it is part of the subframe that was bent, its was welded under the floor pan near the rear left swaybar, you can see it in the photo. My mechanic had a relative of his drive it down to his house where he spent the whole of Saturday repairing it. Had to pull out the carpet in the rear in order to weld it back after hours of bending it back in place, was a *milkshake* of a job apparently. Got it back Monday for alot cheaper then I was expecting, would have been happy with $1k but got away with significantly less including towing costs so pretty happy with how things turned out. Just have to replace the shit bricks lights as they were partially to blame ontop of my poor judgement as well as repair the front lip, they were kind enough to bend the support back for me so I just have to plastic weld it and respray. Thanks once again for all the help and advice. The engine mount write up is nicely detailed and the pictures will help alot when I have time to change them although it isnt really urgent as it drives seemingly as it always has.
  17. Hit a traffic island

    Thanks for the offer, if I can get this rip in the underside sorted then ill definitely take them but at this stage it isnt looking good. The engine is running fine again after bashing out the sump which is good but I was told even if I can get this rip fixed, I wont be able to get a rwc again, not that id consider selling it but still, bit of a headache.
  18. Hit a traffic island

    Thanks for the quick responses, unfortunately I was at work all day yesturday so couldent reply. I ended up getting it towed quite cheap through a friend to my mechanic today, the sump on closer inspect has a considerable dent, I must of missed it in the poor lighting so tomorrow he will be taking it of to inspect. Up on the hoist we did notice some damage to the underside close to the rear left arms that has exposed a bit of the carpet. Providing the engine is ok he said it should be alright to smash it back into position and possibly weld/sikaflex it back so water doesnt get into the cabin. Aside from this, its somehow missed everything else, only scraping a bit on the sway bar. As for the oil leak it seems it was infact one of the engine mounts which has cracked, it is an sr20de by the way. How should I go about replacing these, with oem ones or its there a better alternative. Im guessing the engine will have to be pulled out to do this so is it even worth fixing? Much appreciated.
  19. Tomei extractors? Got any pics, never seen or heard of them before. As brownie said, would bolt straight up like my supposed hks 4-2-1 did with a flex joint to the cat, otherwise you need to make it up.
  20. Looking For Work?

    People involved in these mlms (usana mostly) are often the stupidest people ive ever met.
  21. After just getting my car back yesterday from the smash repairers after a month, I drove around all day and later on that night too with no issues after also filling up with shell 95, ran perfect just like it always did. I got to work fine today, after leaving work I notice the rpm is now very rough and almost stalling then jumping back up, the engine seems to shake a fair bit during the rpm drops and is terrible to drive now. Ive since started it up 3 more times and it seems ok once its really warmed up but still seems to drop at random especially when slowing down or coming to a stop. Any advice on where to look first for the issue? My okachan shows er 34 on startup which would indicate a faulty knock sensor, not sure if this is related, I can check other readings with it if required though im sure the afm at least is running normally showing 1.6 at idle. Ill upload a video later today if that would help diagnose the problem. Thanks
  22. rough idle sr20de

    I found the issue the next day, didnt think it would be my sparkplugs as I just recently changed them to iridiums but after pulling out each lead and inspecting inside I noticed one was covered in oil and water it seemed. I think that they sprayed my engine bay and some water must of leaked in with the oil which was causing it to foul. Cleaned it up and no more issue, might change the rocker cover gasket in the near future if the problem persists. 98 doesnt agree with my car at all for whatever reason, had problems starting up before i switched back to 95, might try injector cleaner though.
  23. Train horns!

    How about something like this?
  24. Rare s13 options/parts

    Saw this on yaj, lace seat covers Lol. Also, interested in swapping my set of light up rear quater sunshade things for something insteresting, drivers side is mint and lights up, passenger side has a small crack and the light up component is missing.