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  1. Diff Clearance - 4.6 - 4.9 - Kazz

    Hi guys I'm having a diff clearance to go GTR rear. Hence I am negotiable on prices and will look for trade or swap on GTR rear axles, hubs, diff, diff centres, half shafts etc. Ideally chasing a GTs4 4.375 diff. 1 x 4.636 - R200 Kazz 2-way. Shimmed super tight and professionally assembled in Melbourne by previous owner. In good condition and never had any issues. 5 x 1 and Non ABS. - $900 1 x 4.9 - R200. This is only a weldy, but has been properly welded and assembled. 5 x 1 and Non ABS - $800 As everyone knows these ratios are super hard to get and the price of the 4.9 reflects the going rate for just 4.9 crown wheel and pinions. Willing to post and have nothing to hide, I have both 4 and 2 bolt rear hats, so can sell with either. Location - Launceston, Tasmania. But postage is no issue and looks to be around $100 for VIC/NSW Pictures on request, but honestly these are diffs guys. Thanks Brodie Maher
  2. Mamba gtx2976r review

    You really want to compare a genuine garret gtx to a mamba and expect it to be better? 😂 2976r might sound like a smaller turbo, but since it shares the 76mm wheel same as a 3076r, the front wheel is 5mm bigger than that of a 3071. Which would make me think it would be a pretty terrible mis match of front and rear wheels. Keep what you have!
  3. GTR Nismo Engine Mounts in S13

    Raise the brace? I modified mine pretty easy with some plates on top of the strut tower Stuff changing engine mounts again
  4. Twitchy rear end?

    Won't you already have solid conversion bushes to fit the s14 subframe in a 180sx?
  5. Valve Float

    With my experience on de sr's I can't help but feel that if it was valve floating like suggested that you definitely would have broken a rocker arm by now.
  6. Silvia AWD

    An awd Silvia isn't going to be cost effective at all, but it would be super cool and unique. If you are doing it to save cash just buy a GTR, easier, probably more reliable, cheaper and less time consuming.
  7. Davies Craig EWP suit Sr20

    Complete Davies Craig EWP setup to suit Sr20 red top. Comes with Aluminium housing Davies Craig electric water pump (I think it's a ewp150 but I could be wrong), Davies Craig hand controller, wiring harness to suit controller and a Taarks block off plate. The kit works well and has significant advantages over a conventional water pump setup. The Davies Craig controller will operate the water pump and thermo fans in relation to temperature, rather than conventional which is just rpm. This helps with better cooling and has no issues with cavitation on high rpm applications. The Davies Craig controller is also wired up to ignition and both the water pump and thermos can continue to operate after the car is turned off. Read up more on it here, http://daviescraig.com.au/category/electric-water-pumps Location - Launceston, Tasmania Condition - Perfect Price - $300 posted Pics
  8. Not that I have ever used DMS as I run MCA gold's, but at the track there are a fair few fast guys who run DMS and have none of the issues which you have highlighted. Not really sure how you got put in this spot, but everyone else I know who runs DMS have had good experiences and rate the product highly especially for the price. Sucks you got taken for a ride but it seems it's probably just a one off.
  9. Bore size with liners

    Depends a lot on setup if you are running on e85 since knock resistance is so good I would sneak it up a bit
  10. SR20DET sleeved block ?$

    I don't really see the point, what kind of grunt are you going to make? A standard bore sized sr block will cope a fair bit. I would be filling a standard sized block full of grout before going down the path of standard sized sleeves.
  11. Really depends what you are after, On my s15 I've managed to fit as big as 18 x 9 0 (215/40) and 9.5 -1 (225/40) with just lipped and rolled guards but it isn't very functional. I have two track cars so I really doesn't bother me and is more about the stance and cruisin. More functional fitment will be around 9/9.5 +15 ~ +22
  12. S13 diff ratio swap worth it?

    So many factors will affect diff ratio. Are you in between any gears at the moment coming off corners? Otherwise I'd keep 4.3. With 200kw I presume all of your torque and horsepower is in the mid range, which essentially means you don't want to be shortening up the ratio and making it rev more and also introduce more gear changes. Winton is a short track, with a short straight. With an over drive gearbox you are never going to pull max revs in top gear, so you should be gearing for the corners and yor powerband. Again I'm not sure as I haven't raced there.
  13. A standard Crank will hold that kind of power fine if it measures up ok. No real point buying a crank unless you are going to go stroker. 2.2ltr are great but just depends if you think it's worth the money.
  14. Is clutch. The stall method you are using doesn't really prove anything.