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  1. Name: Harry / Dirty Ride: JDM Evo 8 GSR 6spd Previous Rides: SR Onevia, N/A Xr6 2003, S2 R33 gtst, FC Savanna State: QLD Interest: Friends and Fam, Beach, Driving, Camping Occupation: Warehouse manager Year of birth: 1991
  2. Omg had this happen to me in my old ford and the horn going off and couldent stop it. pretty funny shit to on lookers:)
  3. the perfect silvia

    Shit yeah +1 to that dope 13.

    Spotted boss14 or something similar today, very nice car sir.

    yeah isnt it, love the doggy box:)) ill be watching:)
  6. My first sr20 short write up

    Hey Jake, Nice s15! if may suggest, i thought if your new to the SR engine, first thing i would recommend is a upgraded oil sump, more so if you are drifting, and possibly a oil relocation kit cause they can be a pain to change oil filters on sr20s. looks amazing, GL with the build.
  7. Drifting quitters

    I know where you are coming from, soo many ways too look at this. long story short, im addicted I couldn't think of not owning an import full stop. Drifting is too addictive. i love quads/ATVs but unless your driving it off a cliff with a parachute, how can you get close to the excitement of drifting, ( slight exaggeration ) i think alot come into this though. Obviously if you have a medical emergency, thats priority over drifting. Is it drifting itself you are over? Or all the other bull shit that comes with the territory/ tyres,entry fees, trailer hire,not having a track closer than 1hr away. I can't afford drifting all day err day/ so i dont but when i do, i feel a million bucks richer.
  8. Price : $550 Condition : Used No extra information available.
  9. Selling My 800oog Plates. - $550

    Price : $550 Condition : Used BUMP
  10. Good Wheel Alignment Shops

    Yeh bro alot of drift boys go to the one on the corner in nerang over the road from the BP, i think its continental. Ask for Brett i think his name is.He will do the lot, cheap/right.
  11. N.S Theif

    I have had the same experience few months back with a so called sr20det airbox that i paid for and never saw, he was from Perth if that helps....to kill him:)
  12. SR20DET stock engine setup help?

    Best advice i can give you, oil cooler and baffled sump before you go too far, just did a bottom end while drifting and it was more than likley da sump was my downfall. as you may know stock srs don't hold much oil.
  13. Xforce Cannon - $50

    Price : $50 Condition : Fair Few scratches, nothing major can send more pics if interested.
  14. 89 240sx coupe

    she came with the silvia front end when i bought her but i've seen some conversions going for 900 bucks i really want to do a redtop SR Yeah looks good mate, you wont regret an sr20det id keep the gtr grill on the front for sure:)
  15. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    wow thats alot of lock
  16. Iv seen them before on a s15 getting round qld, i know there are alot of jap shops that do this kind of thing but cant really help sorry, tbh id try japan. gl
  17. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    http://youtu.be/hru6e8miLKk Some very good street drifting. SICK @ 4:39
  18. Official : Gold Coast Monthly Meets

    def keen for a meet/cruise also have a few mates who are intrested in a weekend meet/cruise me 2
  19. Your car - what's happening?

    Hey guys got red top sr20det onevia, did few drift days stock, loved it as it was with coilovers, diff, strut bars etc, general updates - Brought, 6 boost high mount manifold, 2871r, 38mm gate, 550cc injectors, fc d-jetro, in tank fuel pump.... what's happening with it? - dyno ran it, made 290hp 16psi, went very well at first track day and daily driving. things your trying? - will be my first rebuild, will learn alot as i have already, any hints and tips for a newbie will be well appreciated. mods your planning? - baffled sump, which probably caused my bottom end issue in the first place, should have been my first mod:)) Im not after much more power at this stage, would it be worth my while doing cams while im at this stage anyways?. issues your dealing with? - Did a bottom end so planing to rebuild with forged pistons, cant see myself ever putting an rb25 in it tbh, May well put a 25 box to the SR motor when that blows. stuff your fixing? - Got a crank case leak which will be fixed during the rebuild.
  20. Onevia!!!

    So damn cleannnn, nice! is that a rx7 behind it? lol
  21. s13 munt face(snake eye) photos

    Yeah id love to know what/how you made the set up with? Also, professor if you have any issues with the light output id like to know before i even think about doing this. Is it street legal?
  22. Fuel Filler Neck

    that's what she said.
  23. Fuel Filler Neck

    Thanks for the help, soon sorted the fumes coming through the cabin in mine. Yaya