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  1. 180sx Rear Seat Belts

    The seat belts I got turned out to be the same one as I was trying to fit in. Hopefully I can find another set otherwise I am thinking about registering the car as a two seater (does anyone know if it's bad to do that and drive passengers in the rear?) or ordering a set of the Kipplan belts.
  2. 180sx Rear Seat Belts

    Thanks guys! I found another set so going to try to put it in on Monday night and see how I go, otherwise I'll get in contact with you HumanHefner.
  3. So I just bought a 180sx and need to change the rear seat belts for a RWC. Managed to get 180sx seat belts but they wouldn't fit. Can anyone help me with this please? Are there two types of seat belts that come with the 180sx? Thanks.