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  1. Can any body help

    Hey peps chasing a 180sx standard intercooler and piping to clear a defect if no intercooler piping will b fine Thanks
  2. Can any body help

    Ok mate il get back to for your details next week
  3. Can any body help

    What would be the best way of getting down here post or freight there's no big rush il have sum $ next thurs . Got to hate getting paid monthly
  4. Can any body help

    Bega far south coast nsw. How much you after for it
  5. Local PARTS for sale

    Hey any body got a 180sx standard intercooler and piping that they won't to sell ?
  6. ive got bigger problems at the defect station then f**king seats lol
  7. Hey all I have a sr20det got a disco potato can I run that with the standard comp I do have apexi fc with hand held but have run into sum funding issues. Cheers
  8. Gt28 upgrade question

    Cheers man any help is appreciated also after a side mount with piping to clear a defect Thanks
  9. Hey guys got defected for the left blinker in dash not working. Could it be a fuse I think not cause the right hand side is workin .What do I need to purchase to fix the problem also and how do I gain access to that area any help will be appreciated . Cheers
  10. In dash teletale sign left blinker

    I wouldn't say its clean just a kit on it the main thing that piss's them is it's plumback n they spent about a hour looking for a (bv)
  11. Hey guys was just goin into town n the hwy patrol pulled me and took me over to a bus depot were the rta/rms was there and fined me and defected me like seriously in the end I got 20 defects and three fines One was my own fault no ps it is turbd if some body can tell me how to post pics of iPhone that would be good il get sum pics of car up.defects that range from not engineered , door hinges have excess movement oh yea no water in windscreen washer bottle any body else bein done like that lately
  12. Rta defects in nsw far south coast

    I'm not a kid I'm 28 n my licence is legit so eat it
  13. In dash teletale sign left blinker

    Hey junny that's a great idea. just throwing it out there nobody has a s13 brick headlight (lh) they want to sell Hey junny that's a great idea. just throwing it out there nobody has a s13 brick headlight (lh) they want to sell
  14. In dash teletale sign left blinker

    Every thing was brutal 20 defects all up . police lulled me over and took me too a bus depot it was the rta who done the defects . Every thing from not water in wiper bottle , excessive door hinge movement , gear boot leaver crack letting fumes in cab ,engineering cert for intake modifications . Cheers for all the help
  15. In dash teletale sign left blinker

    Sorry is that the same for a 180 cheers for your help
  16. Local PARTS for sale

    hey do still have the headlights
  17. Engineer cert query

    Hey guys I'm from merimbula near bega just wondering if I can get some advice on engineering cert in Queanbeyan .i just got defected for 20 things including not engineered Ect mainly stupid shit any advice would be appreciated hopefully meets some of you when I'm up next. How do you post a pic of a IPhone Cheers lads hope your day is better than mine started
  18. Inline steering

    Hey guy just wondering if inline steering is in Queanbeyan still haven't bein up there in a while
  19. Engineer cert query

    I need to find a engineer in nsw there is none down here or can I get it done in act and it will be right for nsw. defect for intake modifications
  20. Rta defects in nsw far south coast

    Yea did eventually I got a unrestricted p plate licence though its a sil80 with a kit on it might have to sell the upgrades I just got to cover the shit dam bak at square 1
  21. Dam my missus just got me one haven't installed yet though il let you no in a week or two joe it goes
  22. Tuning question

    Hey guys just wondering if i need a tune I do have a apexi power fc not installed. Was goin to put a gt28 in every thing else is stock besides a front mount will I need a tune or save up s more and do it all at once. plus I also have sum 550 cc injectors from a 300zx the missus car a associate told me that they would go in a sr fuel rail cheers any help will be appreciated
  23. Hey had the same thing mine passed as long as you couldn't put your hands near the pod eg half air box made out of aluminium .
  24. Tuning question

    Not sure man just one me girl got me unexpectedly it was from slide undustries
  25. Tuning question

    Hey are you from power tune ph11ps