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  1. Sr20de Cooling abnormality

    Thanks thats a good idea, ill have a look
  2. Sr20de Cooling abnormality

    Sorry if i wasn't clear, there are two sensors i'm getting readings from...the stock location and the top radiator hose. They both read the same temperature (2-3) degrees apart.
  3. Sr20de Cooling abnormality

    Thats the thing though, its not even related to the cold weather...i had the exact same issue on the 30+ degree days in summer. Thermostat was installed by the mechanic so hopefully it was put in right haha. Even if the stock gauge was wrong i still have two other sources telling me its dropping a difference of 35 degrees when going down a hill! Thanks for the input Varvs. Yeah, just thought maybe it might a related cause
  4. Brief description of my problem: Upon cold starting my car, it will take roughly 10-15 minutes for the factory temp gauge to even begin to move. Im sure this could be very normal on most cars however...my real issue begins when i actually start driving, once the car is under load or i am driving up a steep hill, the temperature will shoot up to 76 degrees, (pretty standard i think) Although the second i start driving down a hill the temperature reading will drop dramatically, usually to just below 50 degrees, that is, so the factory temp needle has returned back to the bottom. Variabilities/changes: Facts and things i have noticed or changed in an attempt to fix this, the motor is an sr20de running a stock radiator and a new thermostat. A clutch fan in good working order (swapped the old one out). I also have, a device to read the figures the ecu is picking up from the temp sensor. And a water temp gauge (defi) fitted in the upper radiator hose. This means i have two separate readings giving me roughly the same information (usually 3-2 degrees either way). Around the time this issue started i lost use of my aircon, it now just pumps out hot air. Coolant was flushed with new coolant put in, changed nothing. This problem has been going on for about 6 months and so far its not proved to be any sort of a serious issue however its just really confusing, id be really interested to know if anyone has had the same issue! If ive left someone out or more info is needed just abuse me. Thanks for any help!
  5. Defi Advance ZD

    Sorry Smitty, for some reason i was thinking of the BF series. I have no experience with ZD haha. Best of luck man
  6. Defi Advance ZD

    I have the advance cr gauges, and so far they seem to be the most accurate gauges i have owned. Slightly more responsive than autometer. However these are quite pricey gauges :/
  7. New from vic, s13

    The latest instalment!
  8. 180sx new owner general knowledge enquires

    I wish you the best of luck man! hopefully that "structural support on chassis" doesnt mean rail damage...thats always a bad time :/
  9. Quick release hub!

    I had the NRG Gen 3 and short hub, i was pretty happy with both of them, they werent offensively big, i was also pretty impressed by the build quality (y)
  10. New from vic, s13

    Thanks buddy. Luckily it was only the skirts that were genuine, rear pods and front bar just fibreglass. was pretty against going fiberglass for the front but it will have to do for now haha. Forgot to mention its a 93 Q's model.....
  11. New from vic, s13

    Heres my s13, looks quite different now.. managed to find a full aero kit, so thats on now as well...looking forward to post an endless amount of porbably retarded questions and learn a lot.
  12. Temp sender issue

    Looks like the sump might be my best option, ill check out Moroso, cheers davlos
  13. Temp sender issue

    Something with a bung in it already? thats not a bad idea if i cant work anything else out!
  14. Temp sender issue

    I recently purchased some Defi cr gauges (oil pressure, oil temp, water temp) i have hooked everything up using a sandwich plate for the oil temp and pressure senders. this caused a few issues in the form of oil leaks so i tossed that method for now. I resorted to removing the stock pressure switch and got myself an adapter from nisport http://goo.gl/cZFKQl however now i am not getting a tempreture reading. I have tested the sender a number of times on its own and it works perfectly. My thoughts so far are that, maybe the temp sender requires more area and flowing oil to get a reading? Is there any way i can have both senders without using a relocation kit or a sandwich plate? Many thanks, sebastian