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  1. JDM S15 Headlight Globes

    Hey All! Just wondering what low beam globes everyone buys for their JDM Spec R S15......I'm gathering it's something like a H1? Also just wondering what brands etc I should get? Cheers!
  2. Headlight Restoration?

    Hey, So I've just noticed my headlights have this sort of cracking or something on the inside of my S15 headlights....Anyone know what this is, why it's happened and if its fixable? I can't remember them being like this but I recently had them restored and now I notice it....The people that restored them assured me it must have been like that before hand, It just wasn't noticeable because they were foggy....I'm not sure though :/ Cheers!
  3. Headlight Restoration?

    Lol I looked at "new" ones, crazy expensive for some genuine second hand ones!
  4. Headlight Restoration?

    Its only on the right hand side thankfully....I did get a respray as well so maybe they left it parked in the sun? :/
  5. Headlight Restoration?

    You reckon it could've been caused by the people who "Restored" them? :/ It seems to only be on the right hand side
  6. Hey there! I'm Interested in getting some of these for my S15. I see you can now upgrade the indicators and reverse lights to LED which is cool. Just wanting to see what people think of them if you've purchased some? How they fit, quality, fog up or fill with water etc? I read somewhere they're made in the same factory as Dmax and Yashio in Taiwan haha http://marsperformance.com.au/Clear-Red-LED-Tail-Lights-Nissan-200SX-Silvia-S15 Cheers!
  7. Hey there, One of my rear wheel studs snapped. So I know that the wheel studs for an S15 are M12x1.25 14.3mm knurl fronts and M12x1.25 13mm knurl rear. I'm just having trouble finding them to buy online or in store. Gktech are on back order until end of the year. Either standard or extended incase I decided to run 5-10mm spacers on the front for my new wheels. 50mm in length will be about right.... Cheers!
  8. !WTB! S15 Dmax Boot Wing

    Hey all! On the hunt for a Dmax boot wang for my S15, If you or anyone you know is selling let me know on here please. If you know some businesses selling them let me know too. Looked on RHDJapan but it's $225 for shipping when the wing is only $190, so I'm looking elsewhere. Cheers!
  9. !WTB! S15 Dmax Boot Wing

    Managed to find somewhere in Aus selling them for $253 delivered. Cheers!
  10. S15 front and rear wheel studs?

    Cheers lads! Good, useful info
  11. Mars Performance s15 Tail Lights

    hey dude, you have them or worked with them? Got any feedback on their quality? Thanks
  12. S15 front and rear wheel studs?

    Oh really? I'll suss them out this weekend, that just the standard length yeah? Know much about their quality? Thanks
  13. S15 front and rear wheel studs?

    Found these at a local store here in Adelaide but from what you say I should be fine with standard length. I was thinking that if I get extended they might be too long and look stupid? The ones in the length are 10mm longer http://www.japaneseimportspares.com.au/wheelwheelnutsandstuds/
  14. S15 front and rear wheel studs?

    I guess another question would be. Can I run up to a 5mm slip on spacer with standard length studs?? If thats safe, then I just need help finding standard length studs for front and rear...
  15. Hey there, Could someone let me know what places in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills do dashboard flocking or suede upholstery etc? Don't know what the actual term is but I think you can understand what I'm saying haha....Want to get my s15's dash done at some point Cheers in advance!
  16. Heyyy, Just wondering if everyone could list some aftermarket boost gauges that will fit in place of my s15's stock pillar boost gauge....For starters my stock oem boost gauge doesn't light up, its either been disconnected by previous owner or the bulbs blown. Either way I'm looking to replace it with something a little nicer. Thanks in advance! MAAAD!
  17. S15 Pillar Boost Gauge Replacement Question

    From what I've heard it would be less illegal having them in the vents rather than installed on the dash....I'll have a look into the pod
  18. S15 Pillar Boost Gauge Replacement Question

    So do 60mm gauges fit in s15 air vents too?? I've thought stuff it and I'm thinking of going all Defi gauges once I get over the nightmares of how much it will cost me haha Anyone have an idea of what it'd cost to buy 4 Defi ADVANCE BF gauges plus the ADVANCE control unit? Cheers!
  19. Hey fellow enthusiasts, At the moment I'm thinking I may have to relocate my car battery in my s15 to the boot because I can't find one that will fit in the space that's there. Its due to my aftermarket intercooler piping that's going through the battery tray. Previously I have had the factory Japanese battery that was in there when I bought the car, then moved on to an Odyssey which died because the car wasn't started regular enough due to being more of a weekender. I've tried a Century battery and a SuperCharge battery so far but to no avail Has anyone got any helpful advice for me? Kits? tips? Cheers!
  20. S15 Pillar Boost Gauge Replacement Question

    Sweet thanks man! Theyre f**king expensive though haha Dunno if i can afford Defi
  21. S15 Pillar Boost Gauge Replacement Question

    Thanks guys, best community! Was going to go for a Defi gauge, are there any other brands that make nice gauges?
  22. Hey there, I've never purchased a car from another state so I was wondering, If possible could someone tell me how to buy and import an Evo like this..... http://www.carsales..../?Cr=19&sdmvc=1 Im just wondering what the process is of Inspecting, Buying and Importing an Evo like this Privately and then getting it to SA, complied and registered etc etc....If its possible.... Cheers!
  23. Best places in SA to get a full respray on my S15??? K.GO!
  24. Best places for a full car respray?

    he is the owner of my old s15 man haha wants to change colour (shakes head) Hahaha Hey man, you caught me!! I'm just looking around at prices etc lol At the moment im sticking with the black because I do like it, maybe down the track when my inheritance comes through I may look into an easier colour to maintain...Getting it detailed + Opti Coated in the next couple weeks....this week I'm putting a pair of Cusco Rear camber arms in, plus some Matte bronze xd9s 18x9+30 fronts 18x10+38 rears...