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  1. Hey guys my mates S15 was stolen from his house in Westlakes overnight. If you here or see anything please give him a ring. Scott 0405 395 812
  2. Mechanics that have moved on

    I have just completed my Mechanical Engineering Degree at uni after completing a Cert 3 in Automotive Motorsport (welding/machining/fabrication/vehicle prep) at tafe. I have worked in the automotive industry now for 4.5 years doing custom work and now that I have completed my degree I have no Idea where to look for an interesting job. I love heavy machinery and would love a job in the field. If i struggle to find an interesting job in the the next 6 months I will consider the mines for perhaps a year.
  3. Redbull 2010 world series battle

    this. +2 on that
  4. G1 this weekend. the 11th

    Probs going to watch for the first time in 6 years. LOL I hope Squid gets his car together and gets a first.
  5. Spoke to George yesterday about his R34. He said he is still waiting for pistons and other motor bits that can handle his monster turbo. He said he just wants 1500hp brooooo hahah
  6. Great shots. Any more of the presentations? Yeah, should have pics of most of the drivers. Can send you a link or post a link later tonight if you like? That would be amazing.
  7. No shit im am a knob. Im just good at not exposing it on the net all day everyday.
  8. OMG there are tyre stacks at mallala? Why would they put them up there? That sounds so dangerous if you hit them. Who cares about some stupid grass anyway. They should put them further away from the track so people dont damage their cars because that would cost money to fix and we all know drifters get the raw deal as it is because it so hard to get good like jake jones and get fully sponsored and get someone else to pay for you to have fun. We should all boycott mallala and do skids on the street where there is no tyre stacks. Until they build us a dedicated drift track at port adelaide.
  9. Better not rain or i might have a whole lot of tyres for sale after. LOL
  10. RB26DETT rebuild

    Definatly Andy at autosolutions. He is a RB26 guru. He rebuilt the RB26 in our GTR and it has never missed a beat.
  11. Re-sizing Rims!

    R spec did one jake. Have a chat to Joe. We had a set done not too long ago.