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  1. Looking for the fog light grill inserts for the s15 aero front bar.. asap! ALSO... looking for passenger side window motor.
  2. Radiator Stop Leak

    I have this same problem, leaking/pissing out coolant after a repair from the mechanic which cost me $1500!!!!(AUD) Just wan't to make sure this IS an EASY job and I can go back to him and get my money back!? It is the hoe that's leaking, but he's trying to tell me it's a big job. Mind you, I did have a RWC done, along with gearbox oil change and a seal replaced on the front crankshaft, which I was told was a very easy fix as well, along with the 3 front belts replaced as well, but I still don't see where this is worth $1500... any help would be appreciated.