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  1. Girls only import club - victoria

    I have intrest and will be getting my import officially at the end of this month! I also have quite a bit of free time atm I am ready to help
  2. Introduce Yourself

    Cause I live to dig up an old thread Name: Emma (Emily) Nickname: Emily , Em , Sparrow Where I live: Melb, SE suburbs What I do for a living:Currently Working weekends at a stable but looking to study cars or IT What I drive: 1992 PS13 SR20DE velvet blue Mods/future plans: New wheels (that fit ) , fitting my kakimoto racing exhaust , coilovers, stut braces and sway bars maybe not sure of what else yet Dream Car: My car with s14 blacktop turbo Interests: Gym, Cars , anime , art, video games(yay for pokemon lol) , horses , dubstep/edm/electro, photography and making friends Contact:feel free to add me on facebook or pm me
  3. s13 SR20DE build/wheel questions

    @Moneypit I think that's what I will go for but maybe not rays lol no money for them yet haha
  4. s13 SR20DE build/wheel questions

    Got the wheels on the car yesterday as expected they stick out like hell but surprisingly don't rub on my inner plastic guards lol no pics yet as it was very dark by the time we were done but will get some soon so everyone can have a good laugh at my poor little car! lol obviously First cop that would see me is gonna pull me over and the stock suspension means the car looks like a monster truck but lesson learned listen to your bf when he tells you not to get things! lol Have kinda contemplated getting guards flared or something but I don't even think that would be enough lol I would love to get them to fit but I'm not gonna ruin my car for it!! Brings me to my to the important question though if i wanted to have similar sized wheels say maybe .5 inch smaller back and front (f 8.5" r 9") what offset would I need ? or should I go smaller width again? Sorry that's alot of questions in at once! Wears out synchros much faster because of the extra leverage provided, and I purely just hated mine. Made it soooo much hard to change gears rapidly or mid corner out on the track. pretty sure short shift will stay little girl like me I change gears like a fairy o.O Steelies are heavy as f**k.. wouldnt go that route if I was you. If you're just driving around town then I guess you can get away with it but if you plan on doing some spirited driving/drifting they will put alot of strain on the drivetrain due to their weight. Not to mention feel sluggish and slow as f**k... IMO 'steelies' are the worst possible mod people can ever do to their car..especially when people put them on n/a Silvia's or ke's or something. Yeah they're strong and cheap but are so damn heavy... They look tough on his car but def not my thing (they came with car when he bought it)
  5. s13 SR20DE build/wheel questions

    yeah it's probably not the best idea but bf has been pulled over a few times in the car (on his ps) with the previous exhaust which was a straight through loud as hell cannon and lowered on fluro wheels with no questions so hopefully it will be ok otherwise will chuck the other wheels back on no biggie It will be interesting to see how his new car goes as it has similarly sized steelies with those massive bubbly tires we could both end up fighting over the other wheels lol
  6. Skoolies, Skool Holidays, posting recommendations

    I've managed to start a thread yay! lol (first thing I did was start a build thread haha) but I'm finding it a bit annoying that I reply to people and then 2-3 days later my posts still haven't been approved >.> I'm sure once I've got a few posts up and approved I'll be good
  7. s13 SR20DE build/wheel questions

    Also forgot to mention that it has had an LSD fitted not sure what kind though and hopefully throwing the wheels on tomorrow ... would be nice if my posts were approved a little fast haha
  8. s13 SR20DE build/wheel questions

    Also wondering if you guys had any suggestions on suspension mods as I am lead to believe that wheels and suspension are always going to impact each other I have been reading up as much as I can although I seem to have just enough knowledge to be dangerous! (like buying massive wheels >.> )
  9. s13 SR20DE build/wheel questions

    Not really after huge power or super low as that's not my thing lol I would prefer to have slightly more wheel and just fill my wheel arches just looking for a few easy things to get myself into it I will worry about power when i start looking into new engine in a few years @Bling car is at my bfs atm as it is his daily and I am at my mum's house with the wheels lol we are hoping to try them on car see what happens *shrug* can't hurt lol and I did find the width and you're right 9.5 and 10 there is also something else stamped there with "e" then a number was wondering if that might be offset? (I also have no idea what offset they are yet lol) Bf also things may need guard work which is something we can look into if they look good on the car or "could" look good with the work done
  10. I'm going to start this post off by saying whilst I have always loved jap cars I am only now getting into the actual mechanics/hands on side of cars. So whilst I'm not a complete noob I am not far off! (apologies in advance for any silly questions!) So I will buy buying my bfs current velvet blue PS13 SR20De on feb 28 next month when he gets off his ps and can drive his new s13 (s14) SR20DET Blacktop . It is completely stock bar a GKtek short shift and stereo So far I have also purchased -GKtek clutch fan -OEM silvia sterring wheel -NA S13 Kakimoto Racing Regu.06&R stainless catback exhaust My question for all you wonderful smart people what mods are worth doing to an NA? It will be getting a new s14 black top when I am off my P's in 3 years but until then I would like to do a few useful and basic mods. I have also bought some Rota grids .. which whilst an awesome deal I am slightly terrified they will not fit in my wheel wells! I am told they came off a stock bodied Sil80 and that they should simply "bolt straight on" however my bf and I are not quite so optimistic :/ They are 17" fronts and 18" backs with the tire sizes I was planning initially when I was going to save for new ones (17" x 9"ish). However after measuring them they are massively fat which I love and now really want on my car but I'm not sure how it's going to go lol. The measurements I have got from rim edge to rim edge is 27.5cm(10.8") on the rears and 26cm(10.23") on the fronts which is massive but I am not sure if the actual rim would be classified as slightly smaller then the actual edge to edge measurement? tire sizes are 235/45/R17 fronts and 235/40/R18 neither pair of tires look particularity stretched although the rear rims do stick out further then the tire Any suggestions and help would be massively appreciated! and again sorry if any of this is obvious or silly lol