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  1. wire identification

    Also another thing. It may just be a coincidence. But ever since i got the horn working. My engines been idling very weirdly. My boost gauge used to read -9.9psi and about -8.4 with A/c on. Now is running -8psi. And -6.4psi with a/c. I highly doubt that this was cause by me installing horn but i dont want to rule that out just yet.
  2. wire identification

    Only reason why i thought it was the standard airbag steering wheel plug because of this pic i found on google
  3. wire identification

    Thanks for the link pmod! Will check it out when i get a chance to. Also forgot to mention that i have a sr20det black top. So would the ca18 manual relate?
  4. wire identification

    hey guys, can someone please help me identify this plug/wire. its on a 1995 blacktop non vct 180sx in the steering column behind the steering wheel. originally this car had airbag but previous owner installed aftermarket wheel and bosskit and didnt hook up the horn. i assumed that this brown plug was for the stock air bag steering wheel. what wire is the green with white stripe? i tried to leech power from that wire and didnt go as planned. now there is no power coming from that wire. also tested horn relay and no click. fuse is ok. not sure whether relay was already buggered or has something to do with me. i can seem to find a wiring diagram on google.
  5. WTB: 180sx / s13 SR turbo manual tail shaft

    Stumbled across this on gumtree. But its in nsw. Maybe ask him to ship. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/elanora-heights/engine-engine-parts-transmission/nissan-s13-silvia-180sx-tailshaft-suits-manual-sr20det/1064242559
  6. Ive also got blast pipes. But can still hear my music. Ive got 2x 6" speakers in the door trims. And 2x 6" in the rear trim behind the seats. Not running an amp or sub. My other 180 had the 2 front speakers. 2x 6x9 on the parcel shelf. And ran sub and amp.
  7. 040 fuel pump issue

    So ive recently been experiencing problems with my 040 now. Before it just buzz which is normal. Now there is a loud hum. I have blast pipes and i can still hear it humming. Hear alot of people complaining that the 040 is very loud. Is this the sound that it usually makes? If not then i suspect my fuel pump is on its way. Looking to put a walbro 255 into my car this time instead
  8. Ipod cable for skyline V36

    Tried ebay yet?
  9. Edward lee's?

    My mate bought a type x off them abt a yr or so ago. At first look it was all good. But after they purchased the car and further inspection they found body rust being poorly covered with paint or may have even been liquid paper! Ive seen other posts in regards to edward lees here and there. And majority of the feedback is very negative. I wonder how long they can keep jipping innocent people.
  10. PS3 issue

    I have a similar problem. My lights flash but wont sync. Only works with cable connected. In my case i think the problem was i left that controller unused for abt 2years. So the internal battery is probably farrrrkeddddd.
  11. n00b question

    The boot is only there to keep out the dust. Replacing the boot alone wont stop the leak. Replacing the seals may be a cheaper alternative for you of you dont wanna buy a another rack. And while your at it. Replace boots. They prevent dust ruining the seals
  12. WTB - Standard 180sx Wheel Nuts

    http://www.speco.com.au/accnutsapp.html This link tells you the specs of the thread. take those specs to most spare parts shops and buy from there.
  13. 180sx alternator question (attn auto sparkys)

    There is no relay for an alternator. And the voltage regulator is inbuilt in this and from memory are not readily available in AUS. Oh i shouldve mentioned. In general. The relay is part of the charging system for cars. I didnt mean for OP's car specifically. I dont know whether all cars have an alternator relays or not. But Just trying to point out a few parts he may want to check other than just alternator and wiring. Glad to be corrected when im wrong though. Always something new to learn
  14. 180sx alternator question (attn auto sparkys)

    Regulator should be mounted on the alternator. To change it. It may be as easy as 2 screws. Or a bit more work if its inside the casing you have to open it up. Not that hard. Still screws. Just longer lol. Regulators stop working when the brushes are worn. Fairly cheap to replace from what i remember
  15. 180sx alternator question (attn auto sparkys)

    Apart from alternator itself and its wiring. The charging system also has a regulator, fuse, and relay. You may want to check those out too