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  1. PS13 fender/indicator question

    I've got indicators in the bumper. And next to the park lights
  2. Ok. So my front fenders on my PS13 are obviously from another car. Hence they have holes for indicators. And the indicators themselves have been spliced into the wiring. My question is... Did the Q's model come stock with front fender indicators? Because the splicing makes me think the fenders are from a J's or K's model and that my Q's model should have different fenders and no fender indicators. Anyone help?
  3. PS13 headlight harness

    Has to pass inspection
  4. PS13 headlight harness

    Yea I've tried that. Can't find anyone parting out a PS13. Would prefer genuine parts or New at least. Any idea how I'd get a part number???
  5. PS13 headlight harness

    It's One of the only parts I can not find ANYWHERE it's very frustrating!!!!
  6. Hey everyone, i really need some help on finding a supplier to but a Headlight harness for my PS13. ive tried all over the internet but cant find anything. even called nissan and they cant help me. can anyone help!?!?! thanks in advance!
  7. Re-registration certification

    1. I don't drift. 2. i want to build my own car not buy someone else's 3. I've found all the parts
  8. bolt sizes rear seats and rear seat belts

    cheers. ill definitely look into it. thanks
  9. bolt sizes rear seats and rear seat belts

    I've bought genuine nissan rear seat belts. but the DO NOT come with bolts etc
  10. transmission gear selector rod

    legally i can only drive an auto due to medical reasons. therefore i have no choice but to keep hunting for the part. sucks. but not much i can do about it so i just have to do the best with the options I've got haha
  11. transmission gear selector rod

    for medical reasons i cant drive a manual
  12. transmission gear selector rod

    its bent. and cracked at the bend
  13. bolt sizes rear seats and rear seat belts

    Condition is pretty good. just needs some love
  14. bolt sizes rear seats and rear seat belts

    I'm in perth wa. southside